Best Ways To Use & Consume CBG

While most of us have heard of CBD, few can say the same about CBG. Over the past few years, CBD has taken the beauty and wellness worlds by storm for its potential to alleviate different health conditions like pain, anxiety, mood swings, and others. But now, CBG is coming up as an even more effective hemp compound and is still totally legal. But what is CBG, and is it really different from its predecessor (CBD)?

CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids. It exists in the hemp plant as a precursor to CBD and THC. It can only be found in the vegetative phase of the hemp plant before the plant produces flowers. When the plant makes flowers the CBG is converted into CBD or THC. Because most of the cannabinoids are in the flowers of the hemp plant, it gets difficult to extract CBG in larger quantities.

When CBG is in its acid form CBGA, it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. Once heated it converts to CBG and its chemical properties change and one may feel anything from sleepiness to more energy and focus. Pure CBG can be naturally found in small concentrations of less than 1% in the hemp plant. Scientists are trying hard to produce genetic changes to the hemp plant to produce more CBG. Many hemp cultivators are hybridizing strains to have a higher CBG content, allowing more people to benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBG.

Understanding The Benefits Of CBG

Just like CBD, CBG is non-psychotropic, which means you can consume it without worrying about getting high. It is a useful cannabinoid that may treat different conditions like stress, anxiety, and pain. It also has antibacterial activity (as proved during several studies). Just like CBD and THC, CBG has potent anti-inflammatory properties, and used together these cannabinoids create a potent entourage effect.. 

Dosage Of CBG

Though there are no standard dosage instructions for CBG. Several personal factors can affect determining the right dosage for you, including your age, weight, underlying conditions, overall baseline health, and past experience with cannabis (if any). Just like with CBD, we always suggest our customers start with a small amount and slowly titrate up until you get the desired outcome. E.g. pain is reduced, anxiety is reduced etc.

When shopping for CBG products from FlowerChild CBD online store, you may find a product labeled with the concentration of CBG in Mg (milligram) form. For example CBG 350, CBG 700 and CBG 1400. Basically this tells you how much CBG is in the bottle. If you are a beginner we suggest starting with the CBG 350 and following the directions on the bottle. The 700 is twice as strong and the CBG 1400 is 4x as strong. If you are taking a full dropper of the CBG 350 then you would only take ¼ dropperful of the CBG 1400.

Over consumption may lead to nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting until the cannabinoid is fully flushed out of your system, which may take up to 5-8 hours. This being said, most people who suffer are those that have over-consumed THC. We have yet to have anyone report they have had ill effects with too much CBG.

Generally, CBG has shown to be well-tolerated and has mild side effects. Always follow the recommended dose indicated by the manufacturer to prevent any adverse effects.

Ways To Consume CBG

There are several ways you can consume CBG. FlowerChild CBD offers different CBG products like:

  1. CBG Oil Tinctures: Our CBG Oil is available in different CBG concentrations – 350, 700 & 1400, ideal for beginners and pros. Our tinctures are formulated for maximum healing potential. They are crafted and extracted with 100% all-natural materials. There are several CBG oil benefits, from improving mood to instilling clarity and contributing to overall well being. Our CBG tinctures replenish the ECS (endocannabinoid system) and promote optimal balance among the body’s physiological processes.  
  2.  CBG Topical Salve: Our CBG salve is a full-spectrum, whole-plant extract that you can use to rub into sore joints and muscles, cuts and scrapes, and itchy spots. You can also use CBG topical on burns and blisters and/or use it as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Our CBG balm contains full-spectrum whole plant CBG extract and is infused with certified organic herbs and essential oils. It is a wonderful option for moderate conditions or those new to hemp products.
  3. CBG Smokable Flower: Our CBG hemp flower is ideal for those who prefer smoking cannabis. Another great way to ingest CBG is by infusing the raw flower into tea or grinding it into food, or adding it into a smoothie. This is a great alternative to experience the benefits of CBG. 
  4. CBG Joints/Pre-Rolls: Our CBG Joints are an excellent option if you prefer smoking your cannabis. You can experience the calming benefits of CBG immediately without waiting for a tincture to kick in. People using them have reported that they experienced a happy, balanced feeling after smoking CBG. In contrast, others said that it helped them with pain and inflammation.  

For more information on our CBG products, feel free to contact us!