All our products are tested by third party accredited labs. Find your product in the list below to view the pdf. You may require a pdf reader to view the file. Please note that this a natural product and therefore there will be some variation in the numbers regarding potency; we do our best to get the numbers as close as possible to the target, but some batches will have more and some will have less. Thanks for understanding!

Our individual products are tested for potency only; the extract (Full Extract Cannabis Oil, or FECO) and the raw flower, which is used in all our products, is what we test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and terpenes. See the test results for extract and flower at the bottom of the page.



CBD 350 / Pet 350 / PM 350

CBD 700 / Pet 700 / Therapy 700 / PM 700

CBD 1400

CBG 350

CBG 700

CBG 1400

CBD/CBG Blend 700

CBD/CBG Blend 1400

CBD/CBG Blend 3000

Sweet Dreams 1800 CBN Sleep



CBD Salve 350

CBD Salve 1000

CBG Salve 350

CBG Salve 1000

CBD/CBG Blend 350

CBD/CBG Blend 1000

Yoni Delight Sensual Moisturizer

Menthol Ice Roll-on

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum

Healing Foot Balm

Healing Hand Butter

Nourishing Day Creme

Restorative Night Creme


Caramels & Gummies: 

CBN and CBD Caramels

CBD Caramels

2:1 CBG:THC Gummies

1:1 CBD:THC Gummies


Hemp Tea



CBG Pre-rolls, “Sour G”

Raw CBD Flower, “Lifter”

Raw CBG Flower, “The White”


Note on Terpene Results: 

Our individual products are not tested for terpenes because when the extract is diluted with grape seed oil, the terpenes don’t show up as a significant percentage. You can see the terpene profile by looking at the test results for the pre-extraction flower, found below. The flower results are older because we purchase huge batches of flower and extract it into a supply that lasts us many years. All terpenes found in the flower remain in the final product.

CBG flower (terpene profile for all our CBG products)

CBD flower (terpene profile for all our CBD products)



These extracts are used to make the rest of our products, therefore they undergo more extensive testing than individual products. This testing includes potency, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

CBD Extract/FECO

CBG Extract/FECO