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Wellness is our passion. For 10 years, FlowerChild has been serving the community with premium, high-potency hemp products that deliver wellness right into your hands.

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FlowerChild has been in the CBD industry since 2014. We were one of the original pioneers. We have seen many lives enhanced through the power of cannabis. Now we would like to go a step further and introduce more alternative healing modalities to our brand. Cannabis alone can help, but combined with changing your mindset, removing limiting beliefs, nutrition counseling and/or clearing blocked emotions that are causing disease, we have seen miraculous results.

90% of disease stems from our thoughts and emotions. Why do you think cancer and other disease come back after the person has been given a clean bill of health. If we are thinking negative thoughts or have negative emotions like anger, resentment, guilt, etc., haunting us, well that is like poison to our system. We cannot be healthy if our thoughts and emotions are contradictory. Sometimes these thoughts and emotions are hidden in our subconscious mind having stemmed from childhood trauma.

If you think you could benefit from some energy healing or need to talk to a coach about your mental health then we can help. FlowerChild has teamed up with some excellent instructors who have helped thousands of souls find peace, health and happiness. Scroll down to see our lineup of new holistic services.

CBD and CBG Products

FlowerChild now offers Holistic Services to help you navigate LIFE!

Has your life become unbearable? Are you at your wits end with trying to cope. Why do you feel the need to suffer? We can help!


What Our Customer Say

Makes a significant difference

Just to say we think the CBD 350 salve is great! My husband has severe arthritis with spinal stenosis and we apply this twice a day on shoulders back and legs. It makes a significant difference in his well being. Thank you.

Sara Buse
Sara Buse
Feeling Great

Just want to say how much my wife and I love your CBD Products! I even have a friend that is a chemist and Molecular Bio-Chemist and he ran a few tests on the Hemp CBD Oil and the Full Extract Cannabis Oil (extract), and he said that it is the purest form of Cannabis oil he has ever tested!

Kevin C, Oregon
Kevin C, Oregon
Best I’ve encountered!

FlowerChild’s products are the best I’ve ever encountered. They are very pure and produced with a lot of expertise and care. The CBD 1400 is very potent and small amounts suffice to help me relax and sleep.

Samuel R.
Samuel R.

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