What is CBD and its Benefits in Relation to Sleep?

Can CBD help with Sleep Issues?

Guest post by: Sarah Cummings of Sleep Advisor

Cannabidiol also referred to as CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. It’s derived from the cannabis plant and accounts for one of more than 100 chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. There’s a common misconception that CBD gets you ‘high’, but this is not the case.

In fact, CBD has the ability to positively affect people who need help with issues surrounding and including relaxation, stress & anxiety, and forms of inflammation, not to mention cancer.

What do we know about CBD oil and the benefits in relation to sleep?

There have been many research studies focused around CBD and how it associates with supporting a wealth of health conditions, with sleep being one of them. many will be aware that if you are dealing with bouts or prolonged spells of pain, epilepsy, insomnia, sleep apnoea, anxiety, and depression, for example, then sleep can be hard to come by.

But thanks to the fact that CBD can be taken from its derivative plant and also synthetically produced, the CBD oil can be accessed as a health supplement that can help all of the aforementioned issues and more!

There’s no denying that every once in a while, we all suffer from issues relating to sleep, but there are large numbers of people who find this to be a more frequent event in their lives and simply cannot source an adequate antidote.

Discovering an accurate and successful treatment for any sleep complaint can be tricky, which is why people are looking to natural remedies to help them overcome these issues, while also avoiding having to take prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills, Sarah Cummings of the Sleep Advisor website explains.

Here is how CBD oil can help you to deal with the following sleep-related problems:


Depression can cause matters surrounding sleeping, or the lack of it. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can work the other way and bring on depression if the case is severe enough.

If you’ve ever had a rough night’s sleep, you will know how irritable and lethargic it can make you. So, living with this constantly can has a seriously adverse effect.

But when people use CBD oil it helped with the positive restoration of chemical balances in the brain, as established in separate studies conducted in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

Anxiety and stress

Not being able to sleep at night can come from many roots, but suffering from anxiety and stress rank among the highest and most common. As a matter of fact, levels of insomnia on a worldwide scale are projected to only worsen as the years go by thanks to today’s hectic lifestyles taking their toll on individuals.  

If you’re surrounded by stimulation and stress to boot, then relaxing your mind, body and soul is not going to come easy.  

However, CBD has been proven to reduce stress, while also being identified as less addictive than conventional prescription drugs. What’s more, the use of CBD oil has been established as more effectual in the long-term too.

Sleep apnea

Having your sleep interfered with by bouts of simply stopping breathing as you try to enjoy a good night’s rest is what people with sleep apnoea have to contend with. As you can imagine, being woken up by this is not a pleasant experience, so anyone dealing with it can understandably want to find a cure for the problem.

The constant disruptions to rest through sleep apnoea can occur as many as 30 times in a single hour. As such, sufferers have to live being tired all the time during the day and not looking forward to going to bed at night.

The inclusion of CBD has been found to be effective at alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnoea as part of a study conducted in 2013, which stated that as the dose of CBD was increased, it developed in its effectiveness.

REM sleep behavior disorder

Suffering from REM sleep behaviour disorder results in your muscles still being active which leads you to physically act out whatever it is that you’re dreaming about.

What happens during normal REM sleep is that, in cycles during the night, people tend to have vivid dreams. During a REM sleep cycle, it leaves the body practically in a state of paralysis.

The region of the brain that regulates the muscles is totally inhibited leaving you unable to move while in this part of the cycle, and the only muscles able to work in regular fashion is your heart and breathing-related muscles. So, for those who live with REM sleep behaviour disorder CBD oil can offer a way of achieving correct REM sleep.