This Could Help with Unexplained Chronic Pain

Could My Teeth Be Causing Chronic Body Pain?

When I read this excerpt from “Healing The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson”, I was astounded and horrified. How many millions of people are suffering from unexplained chronic body pain, now referred to as fibromyalgia or MS or the next thing that’s going to be invented. And how many people are getting root canals everyday?? This is a very interesting article, if you are in chronic pain or know someone who is (who doesn’t these days) then read on or share it. Please!

One thing that is seriously overlooked when a person goes to the doctor for chronic pain relief is their teeth. The reason being is that teeth belong to a totally different area of medicine with which the physician is not concerned.

Root Canals – A Serious Health Concern

It is a serious mistake to ignore teeth; worse still, it can become a terrible mistake to treat them incorrectly. Only a few years ago, the dental profession became aware of the problem caused by root canal treatment. This came about because George Meinig, former head of the root canal society, was reading a book written some hundred years ago by Weston Price, and began to understand that it was a grave mistake to drill into root canals, try to clear them, refill the now empty space and assume that this has taken care of the problem.

In his book, Dr. Price relates that he was asked to treat the tooth of a lady who was bed ridden with rheumatoid arthritis throughout her body, she was in chronic pain. He removed the previous root canal-filled offending tooth, cleaned and sterilized it and implanted under the skin of a rabbit. In five days the rabbit developed severe RA; in 10 days, the disease killed the rabbit. Meanwhile, the patient started to feel better, was able to get up, and lost much of her pain and swelling and eventually recovered.

Chronic Pain Disappears When Root Canal Tooth is Removed

Dr. Price was impressed by this development and decided to research it further. Whenever he removed the damaged tooth, he processed it in the same way to sterilize and implant it under the skin of a rabbit. To his amazement, whatever disease or chronic pain the patient had suffered from showed up in the rabbit within five days and killed it in 10. This happened dozens, even hundreds, of times with teeth removed from patients suffering from kidney disease, heart disease and other problems. Dr. Price then carried out two more experiments. In one, he implanted a tooth lost by accident from a healthy person under the skin of a rabbit and noted that the rabbit remained healthy and eventually survive for 15 years. Next, he took a tooth from a deceased patient and autoclaved it (i.e., exposed it to steam pressure at 250°F (121°C)). It made no difference: the rabbit still died of the patient’s disease.

Having understood the biochemical damage inflicted on the whole body by treating root canals with fillings, George Meinig resigned from the root canal society and wrote a book titled The Root Canal Cover-Up, exposing the facts originally discovered and recorded by Price.

Dental root canal treatment illustrated step by step.

Dr. Meinig explains that there are two factors behind actual damage caused by root canal fillings. One is that removing the nerve of a tooth leaves that tooth dead. No nutrients can enter it via the canules (the equivalent of capillaries in other tissues) nor can metabolic residues be released from it. The second factor occurs due to the fact that the now empty canules fill with germs and viruses, which then penetrate the jawbone and can in time cause severe infectious bone damage. Toxins from these infections are released into the bloodstream, causing an almost permanent poisoning and chronic pain in the body.

Bone Infections in The Jaw Do Not Cause Pain And May Go Undetected

Unfortunately, even deep bone infections with resulting cavitation’s (hollowed out bone) do not cause pain, so that frequently the patient is not aware of having a problem. Even the standard dental x-ray doesn’t show the bone damage; only the new “panoramic” dental x-rays are able to do that. The only solution is to remove the offending tooth and clear infectious material from the cavitation, which allows the hollowed out bone to heal.

Stay Away From Root Canals

If the dentist discovers an abscess at the tip of the root of a tooth, he or she will urge the patient to have the root canal treatment done. Do not agree to this procedure. The filling used in the canal eventually shrinks a tiny bit also, allowing germs and viruses to enter via the canules, which become conduits for the invaders, causing much trouble. The dentist will assure you that the filling material currently using a root canal doesn’t shrink. However, even if this were true, there remains the problem of the dead tooth, the germ filled canules and a constant focus of infection active within the organism. Rather than having a root canal treated, regretfully that tooth has to be extracted.

excerpt from “Healing The Gerson Way” by Charlotte Gerson with Beata Bishop