This is Why You Should Buy CBD with Turmeric and Ginger

CBD with turmeric and ginger has the potential to be vastly more effective than regular CBD. It’s no accident that turmeric drinks such as “golden milk” and ginger-infused kombucha are making headlines in the health community. But why?

Ginger and turmeric are both powerful healing agents with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. CBD has similar effects and works with the body in a different way. By combining CBD with turmeric and ginger, you give your body more tools to heal itself with. You help yourself heal better and faster.

Adding turmeric and ginger to CBD Oil can drastically increase the healing potential.

What is turmeric? What is ginger?

Ginger and turmeric are roots that have been popular for thousands of years as both spice and medicine. They are packed full of beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and healing compounds. Turmeric flesh is more of a bright gold color, whereas ginger is a pale yellow.  Ginger has a warm, spicy taste, and turmeric has a bitter, earthy taste.

The primary active compound in ginger is gingerol. In turmeric, it’s circumin. Scientific evidence suggests that gingerol, circumin, and the other active constituents of these roots have powerful healing qualities. A study done in 2011 calls them “particularly promising natural agents in fighting the ravages of aging and degenerative diseases”.

What do ginger and turmeric do?

Gingerol and circumin work with the body in a few different ways. They interact with hormone receptors and help reduce high levels of specific hormones. As an antioxidant, they inhibit molecules that cause inflammation and the progression of disease. They even suppress tumor production by interrupting signals in the pathways of target cells.

Inflammation and Oxidation:

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant are words that show up everywhere in health articles. Just like turmeric and ginger, CBD is also well known for being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. But what’s the big deal about inflammation and oxidation anyway?


Chronic inflammation plays a part in almost every disease. Inflammation is actually a perfectly natural immune response, but if it continues for too long it becomes damaging. In reaction to toxins, injuries, or infections, your body releases inflammation cells to fix the problem. The inflammation cells are supposed to show up, handle the situation, then leave.

If the inflammation cells are forced to stick around, they lose their ability to do their job right. Think of it like this: if you were forced to stay at your workplace for weeks without a single break, you would quickly get exhausted. Even if you gave it your absolute best, even if you loved your job above all else, you would eventually lose your ability to perform. You might even have a psychotic break from the lack of sleep and start throwing staplers all around the room.

Several factors contribute to chronic inflammation. Smoking, obesity, chronic stress, unhealthy eating, and alcohol consumption can all trap your body in a constant state of emergency. When this happens, the body responds with chronic inflammation, which can lead to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, depression, diabetes, and more.


Oxidation is a natural process within the body and is only damaging when it gets out of control. Oxidative stress happens when there are too many free radicals in the body and not enough antioxidants to balance them out. Free radicals are unstable, oxygen-containing molecules. Due to their instability, they can easily interact with other cells and cause chain reactions. Free radicals can damage cells, cause illness, and contribute to accelerated aging.

Although the body naturally produces free radicals, they can also come from external sources. Smoking, being exposed to toxic chemicals, eating fried food, and drinking alcohol all create free radicals. If too many free radicals float around the body for too long, diseases such as cancer and heart disease can occur.

What does CBD do?

Cannabinoids work by replenishing the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping the body maintain balance among its physiological processes. Endocannabinoids help regulate your body’s neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters play a part in just about everything your body does. Although the body naturally produces endocannabinoids of its own, it can become depleted.

Similar lifestyle choices harm the endocannabinoid system as create chronic inflammation and free radicals:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Chronic stress

In a perfect world, we would all eat natural foods and avoid toxins and stress. But since our world is what is is, we are exposed to these dangers even when we do our best to avoid them. External cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBG, can give your body a helping hand when it can’t produce enough cannabinoids of its own. The body uses CBD the same way it uses the endocannabinoids it makes for itself. They keep your body and its systems in balance.

CBD with Turmeric and Ginger

Circumin, via turmeric, has been scientifically proven to help with anxiety, pain, arthritis, and metabolic conditions. Gingerol can treat colds, nausea, migraines, and hypertension. One study even found ginger to help protect mice against dangerous radiation!

And then there’s CBD. Numerous studies have shown that it has many benefits and vast implications in the treatment of disease. One study involving humans (as opposed to animal studies) found that 62%  of CBD users use it to treat a medical condition. Of those, 36% (over half) reported that it treats their condition “very well by itself”. Only 4.3% reported “not very well”. According to that same study, the top 3 medical conditions CBD helps with are pain, anxiety, and depression.

CBD, ginger, and turmeric all have similar medicinal uses, but they interact with the body in a slightly different way. By taking them together, you increase your body’s ability to heal itself by giving it more tools.

With CBD, the goal is to replenish your endocannabinoid system, not to flood it. You want to give your body just the right amount of cannabinoids to keep everything in balance. Extra cannabinoids won’t do too much for you once the ECS is replenished. This is why it’s a good idea to add ginger and turmeric!


You can’t go wrong by adding turmeric and ginger to your CBD regimen. FlowerChild has made this extremely simple by creating a CBD Oil with turmeric and ginger already infused into it. We take certified organic ginger and turmeric root and infuse it into grape seed oil at a low temperature for several hours. Then we let it soak overnight to fully extract all the circumin and gingerol. The next day, we add essential oils of ginger and turmeric for even more benefit!

We offer this wonderful ginger and turmeric tincture with 700mg CBD. The best part? No additional cost! It’s the same price as our regular CBD tinctures.

You should take CBD with turmeric and ginger for one simple reason: it will help your body heal better. You can take less and get more! More antioxidants, more anti-inflammatory effects, and more wellness. 

Turmeric, ginger, and CBD make a powerful team. Try our CBD Therapy tinctures and see for yourself! And as always, thank you for choosing FlowerChild.

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Article by Britt Foster