Where To Buy CBG (Cannabigerol): Can I Buy CBG Online?

Where To Buy CBG (Cannabigerol): Can I Buy CBG Online?

CBG Buyer’s Guide: Where to Buy CBG and How to Choose the Best CBG Product

If you’re wondering where to buy CBG (Cannabigerol) products, you’re not alone. There are thousands of options when it comes to buying CBD oils, but CBG is relatively new to the market. It’s difficult to know which sources are worth your money and which products actually work. Some local dispensaries sell products containing CBG, but often those products contain only a small amount of CBG and focus moreso on CBD or THC. Even when you find products with higher amounts of CBG, they can be low quality. Many companies use harsh extraction methods or isolate powder, which damages the healing potential of CBG. Deciding where to buy CBG – especially products with high amounts of CBG – raises some questions.


CBG is the activated form of CBG-A. The “-A” stands for “acid”. All cannabinoids are in an acidic form before heat is applied and the “-A” drops from their name, but when you read about cannabinoids you’ll notice that the “-A” is often left out. This is to improve readability. The term “CBG” often applies to CBG-A as well.

CBG is hard to find because it’s still somewhat rare. This is because the cannabis/hemp plant normally produces CBG-A in its early stages and then converts the CBG-A into other cannabinoids as it matures. In other words, the CBG turns into CBD or THC (or a variety of other cannabinoids) as the plant gets older, leaving only traces of CBG when the plant is finally harvested. It is due to this phenomenon that CBG-A is called the “stem cell” of the cannabis plant.

Full-spectrum, Whole-plant Extraction

Hemp farmers now breed strains that maintain high levels of CBG throughout the plant’s maturation process. This makes it possible to create products containing high amounts of CBG in the final product. To get the most for your money, you’ll want to buy CBG products made with whole-plant, full-spectrum extracts. This means that the CBG is extracted to preserve traces of all the other naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the plant, as well as the plant‘s natural terpenes, chlorophyll, phytochemicals, etc. Keep in mind that this means the extract will contain traces of THC, CBD, CBC, etc. This allows for maximum healing potential, with all parts of the plant working together. Food-grade alcohol extraction is the gentlest method for full-spectrum extracts.

Whole Plant: all naturally-occurring parts of the plant are preserved in the final product, including all the plant compounds such as chlorophyll, flavonoids, terpenes, etc. No plant compounds are stripped away.

Full-Spectrum: the entire naturally-occurring range of cannabinoids is preserved in the final product, including traces of THC, CBD, CBG, etc. No cannabinoids (such as THC) are removed.

Isolates and CO2 Extractions

Beware products made with CO2 extractions and/or CBG isolate. Isolate products are everywhere on the internet because they contain no THC or plant compounds, and although they are a suitable option for those who cannot have any THC in their system, isolates are ineffective for many people. CO2 (carbon dioxide) extractions are not much better. Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas that is harmful to both the body and the environment, it strips the hemp of all plant material (such as chlorophyll), and it does not extract the full range of molecules that assist with healing. Isolates and CO2 extractions are popular because they are cheaper extraction methods when it comes to large-scale production, they strip out unwanted tastes by removing the chlorophyll and other plant compounds, and they can remove THC completely. At FlowerChild, however, we do not believe in compromising healing efficacy for something as trivial as taste. Nor do we remove the THC, as traces of THC actually help CBG perform better. Our products are designed to help you heal yourself, so efficacy is our top priority.

The best way to heal your body is with whole-plant, full-spectrum products that come from ethanol alcohol extractions.

Alcohol extraction ensures that all the important molecules from the hemp plant make it into your body and that the final product contains its full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds. Hundreds of FlowerChild customers report that they experience no relief from CO2 extraction and isolate products, and after switching to whole-plant, full-spectrum products, they have amazing results. This is because all the plant’s natural compounds are preserved and able to work together the way nature intended. If you want to try CBG to help heal your body, be sure to buy CBG that actually works.

What does CBG do?

Since you’re interested in buying CBG, you might already have an idea about how wonderful it is. CBG (Cannabigerol) is similar to CBD (Cannabidiol) but is often more effective. It works the same way as other cannabinoids — by replenishing your endocannabinoid system — and therefore can help with the same array of conditions. According to customer feedback, CBG is usually more effective than CBD for pain relief and inflammation. CBG is also more effective for helping with mental health and can do wonders for depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder.

You can learn more about CBG and the terpenes specific to FlowerChild’s CBG by checking out this blog post about the benefits of CBG.

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Where to Buy CBG

Deciding where to buy CBG comes down to knowing what you want and then knowing where to look. FlowerChild offers a selection of whole-plant, full-spectrum, alcohol-extracted CBG oils and salves that have already helped thousands of people heal themselves and enhance their lives. FlowerChild also carries CBD products and products that contain a blend of both CBD and CBG. The testimonials speak for themselves:

Buy CBG Online at FlowerChild

Cannabigerol has quickly become FlowerChild’s customer favorite. In fact, our top-selling product overall is our CBG Oil 700, with our CBG Oil 1400 close behind. The CBG Oil 700 contains 700mg whole-plant, full-spectrum CBG in a 1oz bottle. The CBG Oil 1400 contains twice as much extract, with 1400mg CBG in a 1oz bottle, and is therefore twice as strong. 1 full dropper of CBG 700 is the same dose as 1/2 dropper of the CBG 1400. The most common conditions people use CBG for are depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation, and symptoms of autism. This simple cannabinoid is having a profoundly beneficial effect on thousands of people’s lives and we’re honored to be able to provide it to you.

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