Can CBD Reduce Acute Anxiety by 50%

A study of young people with anxiety has revealed that cannabidiol (CBD)—the non-mind-altering part of cannabis—may be capable of reducing chronic anxiety symptoms. This pilot study adds to evidence that CBD may be a viable treatment option for those with treatment-resistant anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences, but when it becomes too severe it can disrupt people’s ability to face daily life. To manage anxiety, medications and therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, can be used.

CBD – An Effective Treatment for Anxiety

CBD has shown promise in helping to reduce anxiety symptoms in young people who are not responding to other treatments. The findings of the pilot study, recently published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, suggest that CBD could be an effective treatment option for youth with chronic anxiety.

The Impact of Anxiety and Possible Treatment Options

Anxiety, a widely experienced mental illness, is characterized by feelings of worry, unease, and fear which can interfere with daily activities. As stated by the National Institute of Mental Health, people with an anxiety disorder may find the symptoms worsen over time.

Dr. Lewis Jassey, medical director at Leafwell, notes that anxiety can have both mental and physical consequences, often occurring alongside depression, and an impaired immune system.

Managing anxiety often involves a multifaceted approach. Medication may be prescribed to ease symptoms. Additionally, psychotherapy can be employed to evaluate and alter thought processes to reduce distress. Support groups and stress management techniques may also be helpful. When traditional treatments are unsuccessful in alleviating symptoms, professionals are examining alternative therapies.

This study investigated the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD), on anxiety in a group of 31 individuals aged 12-25 who had not seen an improvement in their anxiety from previous interventions. Through a twelve-week period, participants were given the add-on treatment of CBD, with doses increasing up to 800 mg/d as needed.

The results of the study demonstrated a more than 40% reduction in anxiety severity as measured by the Overall Anxiety Severity and Impairment Scale, and improvement in social and occupational functioning as well as a decrease in depressive symptoms.

Professor Paul Amminger, the study’s author, concluded that this provides a potential treatment option for anxiety in people who have not responded well to other treatments.

Anxiety Levels Dropped 50% With CBD

The findings provide hope that a benign compound like cannabidiol could be a potential solution to mental health issues. It was particularly exciting to discover that the average anxiety severity dropped by 50% after the trial. According to Emily Li, the study author, several participants experienced a decrease in tension, feeling more relaxed, fewer panic symptoms, and calmness. Additionally, many reported they no longer needed to rely on illicit substances to self-medicate.

Mild Side Effects

This exploration offers an opportunity for additional investigations into cannabidiol as a potential treatment for people with extreme anxiety. Despite its small sample size and duration of twelve weeks, participants reported only mild side effects such as low mood, fatigue, cold chills, and hot flashes. Further research with a larger sample size and over a longer period is needed to better understand if there are other side effects.

The authors noted the potential of a placebo effect, so further investigation should include a randomized control trial to determine if the results are based on this factor. Prof. Amminger also pointed to data that suggested it was not a placebo effect.

Despite the patients in the trial being some of the most severe and treatment-resistant cases, with significant functional impairment and multiple failed treatment attempts, they were still able to experience a reduction in anxiety severity with the use of cannabidiol. This suggests a clinically meaningful anxiolytic effect of CBD.

To provide further evidence of CBD’s efficacy and safety, randomized controlled clinical trials are needed. Nevertheless, Dr. Jassey remains hopeful that these findings will lead to more effective treatments for anxiety and believes cannabidiol may hold promise for those suffering from this condition. “This study shows that cannabidiol can reduce anxiety levels by up to 50%, leading to greater feelings of relaxation and less reliance on self-medication,” he stated.

CBD with CBG – A Powerhouse of Cannabinoids

For those that haven’t heard of CBG or know very little, CBG is very much like CBD in that it is non-psychoactive and won’t make you high. It is more of a stimulant and is usually taken during the day whereas CBD is more sedating and is usually taken at night.

The two together have a mighty synergistic effect as they work together to help relieve everything from anxiety to pain. Taking this Blend of CBD and CBG can counteract the drowsiness you may feel with just CBD alone. Together they form the perfect combination for anytime of day.