CBG Benefits: what is CBG, what terpenes are in it, what does it do?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a rising-star among cannabinoids due to its abundance of health benefits. It’s similar to CBD, cannabidiol, but is generally more effective — some people even call it “super CBD”. Of course, everyone’s biology is a little different. Some people’s bodies seem to do better with CBG, some with CBD, and some with a combination of both.

So what is CBG? What does it do? What’s in CBG oils and salves that makes them so helpful?

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids

The medicinal properties of cannabis, or hemp, arrive in the form of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. These various compounds interact with your brain’s receptors, your neurotransmitters, and your endocannabinoid system. Read more about the ECS here. 

When selecting hemp products, the first thing most people look for is the cannabinoid: CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, and so on. Different cannabinoids have different effects, so it’s important to do some research and decide which cannabinoid seems best for you. To get the most out of your product, you’ll also want to look for the words “whole plant” and “full spectrum“. CBG products that are whole-plant and full-spectrum offer the most health benefits since they have been processed less and contain more healing compounds. Whole-plant means that the extract still contains the plant flavonoids, which help regulate your body’s cell activity, and chlorophyll, which can help detoxify your body. Full-spectrum means that the extract still contains its full natural range of cannabinoids. For example, a full-spectrum CBG oil may contain traces of CBD, THC, CBN, and more.

Most hemp products on the market are not made with whole-plant, full-spectrum extracts. Instead, they are often isolates or broad-spectrum distillates that have had all flavonoids, terpenes, and unwanted cannabinoids (usually THC) removed. The THC is removed to make it easier to sell the products worldwide, and the rest is removed to control the taste and scent and appearance. Unfortunately, this takes away from the plant’s healing potential. While isolates and distillates still work for some people, many others find them ineffective. Unless you absolutely cannot have any trace of THC in your system, we recommend choosing whole-plant, full-spectrum products to give your body more tools to heal itself with.

Terpenes Explained

Terpenes are an important part of hemp’s healing potential. They are found in the essential oils of plants and are responsible for giving plants their flavor and aroma. Beyond that, terpenes also provide an array of medical benefits. This is why lavender is calming, or why citrus can improve mood; lavender contains the terpene linalool, and citrus fruits contain the terpene limonene. Linalool is also found in other plants, such as the bark of birch trees or in hemp/cannabis buds. It is the terpene itself that is believed to have calming, relaxing effects. There are currently over 20,000 terpenes in existence, and the cannabis plant has over 100 of them.

Different strains of cannabis contain different terpenes. FlowerChild’s CBG is especially high in Guaiol and Alpha-Bisabolol.

Terpenes in CBG: Guaiol and a-Bisabolol and their benefits

FlowerChild CBG Oil is made with full-spectrum, whole plant extract that has its full range of terpenes and other plant compounds. We believe this is why our tinctures are so effective at helping people in so many different ways.

Our CBG flower is composed of 54.9% Guaiol and 45.04% a-Bisabolol.


Guaiol is sometimes referred to as champacol. It has a woodsy aroma/flavor with notes of pine and rose. Some of its potential health benefits include:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • may help with gout
  • may relieve arthritis
  • eases constipation
  • helps regulate menstruation
  • may help treat syphilis
  • cough suppressant
  • helps relieve sore throat
  • may inhibit cancer cell growth
  • may lower blood pressure
  • natural insect repellant
  • antioxidant
  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antimicrobial
  • pain relief

Most of the evidence for these potential benefits comes from research done on the Guaiacum tree, which is extremely high in Guaiol and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. There are also several scientific studies on Guaiol published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. These include research into its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent, its use as a potential inhibitor of cancer cell growth in small-cell lung cancer, and research into the antioxidant and antibacterial effects of the Xylopia fruit, which is high in Guaiol.

The high concentration of Guaiol in FlowerChild’s CBG oil may be part of why customers keep telling us our CBG is so good at relieving pain. We have also had a customer say that he used our CBG salve on a fungal infection on his foot that was so bad he thought he might have to amputate, until the CBG salve cleared it up completely. Another customer coated her sore throat in CBG oil and experienced immediate relief. Some of the experiences customers share with us are absolutely incredible. The potential benefits of CBG and Guaiol are profound.


A-Bisabolol, also called levomenol, has a pleasant floral aroma/flavor that some people compare to chamomile. Some of its potential health benefits include:

  • pain relief
  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anticancer
  • relaxing
  • may help with anxiety
  • may help relieve depression
  • assists with sleep problems
  • may help treat skin conditions
  • supports the immune system

As you can see, a-bisabolol is a powerful compound. Studies have found it to have anticancer qualities as well as  anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. It has also been shown to work synergistically with antibiotic medicines, thereby increasing their bacteria-fighting potential. Dozens more studies can be found across the internet, and more research is underway with the rise of CBD and CBG in popularity.

We are confident that the alpha-bisabolol in our CBG products contributes to their profound efficacy. From pain to depression, our CBG oils can make a noticeable difference in the way you feel and the way your body heals itself.

CBG benefits

What else gives CBG its benefits?

There is, of course, the CBG molecule itself. CBG has been referred to as “the stem cell of the cannabis plant”, since all cannabinoids actually begin as CBGA (the pre-activated form of CBG). CBGA is the first cannabinoid the plant makes, and as it matures it turns that CBG into CBD, THC, and/or other cannabinoids. Until recently, it was difficult to find CBG oils with high concentrations of CBG — all the CBG would convert into other cannabinoids before the plants were ready for harvest. Farmers were selectively breeding cannabis plants to have high levels of CBD or THC, since those were the most popular, and ignoring CBG completely. Fortunately, that changed when the incredible health benefits of CBG began to be discovered. Now, some farmers have used selective breeding to grow plants that maintain high levels of CBG throughout the maturation process, which means high-CBG products for you to enjoy!

Both CBG and CBD work by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body. These receptors are part of your endocannabinoid system, which is an internal network responsible for keeping your body’s various processes in balance. Your body naturally creates cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) to interact with this network. Due to the high-stress, highly-toxic environment most of us live in, some people’s bodies simply cannot create enough endocannabinoids. This is where phytocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids produced by plants, come in. Taking CBG helps regulate your ECS and thereby keep your body’s processes in balance.

Benefits of CBG vs. CBD

CBG and CBD have similar effects, but there are some general differences. Overall, CBG seems to be more effective at relieving pain, depression, and most neurological conditions. CBD tends to help more with sleep and anxiety. It’s hard to say for sure what the differences are because everyone seems to experience these cannabinoids in a slightly different way. Some people find CBG to be more helpful against anxiety, others think CBD is better against depression. Some scientific studies have explored the different benefits of CBG and CBD; we’ve turned the findings into a convenient chart:

Please see this chart showing the differences between CBD and CBG.

There is also variation in the benefits of CBG depending on whether you take a tincture or apply a topical salve. CBG tincture, which is taken under the tongue, moves throughout your endocannabinoid system and helps regulate the way your body functions. A topical stays more localized and has a faster effect directly around the area where it is applied. For certain conditions, such as pain relief, the most effective solution is to take a tincture as well as apply a topical. The tincture helps your ECS process pain better overall, while the topical soaks directly into your muscles and relaxes them and the organs around them.


CBG, or cannabigerol, has lots of health benefits. These come from the cannabinoid itself, the terpenes, the flavonoids, and other plant compounds. To get the most out of your CBG, choose oils and topicals that are made with whole-plant, full-spectrum CBG extract. This ensures that the highest concentration of healing compounds is preserved and therefore gives your body the best tools for healing itself.

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Article by Britt Foster