CBD Is for Pets Too

Guest Post by Stone Everett – http://relieftreats.com

Can I give my dog CBD?

No doubt, some of the most promising supplements out right now are cannabinoids.  Mainly extracted from the cannabis plant, there are over 100 different cannabinoids known to man among which, THC and CBD can be found. Every election term we see CBD and THC getting more and more attention not because of their recreational popularity but because of their medicinally beneficial properties.  It’s a little known fact all human beings have what’s called an endocannabinoid system (ECS) packed with receptors designed specifically to interact with cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and dozens of their other counterparts. The ECS is hard at work from birth making use of cannabinoids naturally found in breast milk and helping to regulate basic human functions such as immunity, sleep, pain/ inflammation, metabolism and more.  It’s even less known that actually all healthy animals on earth, vertebrates and non, also have an ECS.  From the most complex animal all the way down to the most simple single-celled organism we all have the ability to interact with and benefit from cannabinoids.

Can CBD harm domestic pets?

Not at all!  Remember animals, and most importantly our pets, have the same exact ECS as humans and benefit from it in the same way we do.   It’s always a best practice to run any supplement regiment by your veterinarian but we’ve seen plenty examples of pets safely consuming CBD, effectively benefitting from its wellness properties and experiencing no negative side effects.

So what exactly are pets using CBD for?

Well, since they have the same ECS as us they too reap the same benefits that we do.  Some of those benefits include relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety but CBD has also proven effective with epilepsy, PTSD and metabolic regulation.

CBD also has a decent lipid profile, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Additionally, it contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fats, arguably the second most healthy type of fat to consume.

How do pets consume CBD?

Well, this where humans and pets can start to differ.  You may have noticed some people prefer to vape their CBD and this obviously would not be the recommendation for pets.  Generally, pet CBD products are also going to have lower dosages.  Pets typically are smaller than us and don’t require as much CBD as humans to get the job done.  Currently, CBD for pets can be found in normal delivery methods such as oils and capsules but there are also more creative ways to give your best friend some CBD relief treats such as infused pet food, chew toys and even gummies.

It’s not uncommon for owners and their pets to use CBD together – kind of like a tea party or picnic except with therapeutic benefits.  It’s a best practice to never give animals human supplements and CBD should be treated the same as some products that are safe for humans are not for animals and vice versa.

While CBD isn’t officially recognized as a cure the relief it provides can be second to none.  Let’s also take a moment to recognize the relief that pet owners feel when they see their pet healthy and content.  Many pet owners will understand that once their little friend is relieved then so are they.  Calm, healthy pets have significant therapeutic benefits for their owners.  Couple those therapeutic benefits with the wellness benefits of CBD and we’ve got a synergistic effect here.

Bottom line is there are plenty of similarities between humans and animals including their abilities to interact with CBD.  There are just some details to pay attention to when considering if a CBD regiment will be right for your pet.  Most importantly, be mindful of dosages, ingredients and any differences in your pets’ conditions or behaviors.  CBD won’t be a good fit for 100% of all pets but it could very well be a household solution for you and your pet family.