CBD For Pets Vs. CBD For Humans: What’s The Difference?

The CBD industry is proliferating. Though no federal organization publishes official studies on CBD, there is still significant research available, especially for humans. This makes two things pretty clear – CBD works, and people love it. So, why can’t we just try popular human CBD brands for our pets? Is it safe? Will it work on our pets? Let’s dive into some of these questions!


Though there isn’t any significant difference between pet CBD oil and Human CBD oil, but sharing human CBD with your furry friend is not necessarily a good idea. In fact, it can cause unintended harm and can be dangerous to your pet. Majorly, it has nothing to do with the actual composition of CBD itself. Different brands add certain elements to their CBD products to make them easy to consume.

For example, a vitamin supplement that you might find at a grocery store or CVS is often flavored with fruits so that humans find them pleasant to consume. Similarly, human CBD supplements often contain additional flavors like chocolate and peppermint to make CBD products a fun experience. Most pets may not be fond of flavors, and they don’t like the product at all.

Notably, CBD oil manufacturers create concentrations that humans can easily administer. For instance, human CBD oil might make a single serving of a dropper full of oil. However, what is calculated as one serving for a human will not be the same for the pets. The quantity and concentration of any CBD product vary between human CBD and pet CBD. This means that you could potentially put your companion at risk by sharing your CBD products with them.  

It is important to remember that CBD for humans will have a CBD concentration that may be a bit high for your pets. CBD dosage has a significant role in the case of pets as the body size and weight of the pet is a deciding factor of how much CBD is suitable for them.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the concentration and quantity of product vary between pet CBD and human CBD. It means that you could potentially put your feline or canine companion at risk by sharing your CBD products with them.


Human CBD contains a higher concentration as compared to pet CBD. The amount of CBD you administer to your pet can be risky if it exceeds the limit. Giving too much CBD to your pet could result in adverse effects, toxicity, or overdose. Let’s find out what this means.

Adverse Effects: A negative effect is an unwanted reaction resulting from CBD administration. These effects may vary from mild to quickly reversible, such as drowsiness, lethargy, or upset stomach. In some cases, adverse effects can be severe such as diarrhea. You can easily avoid the risk of such potential adverse effects by following recommended guidelines.

Toxicity: Though there are several studies on cannabis proving useful to pets, the quantity that is safe to administer is quite important to know; otherwise, too much CBD can cause serious debilitation in high dosages. The amount suggested for pets is highly variable, and it is based on pet size and individual pet response; because just like humans, each animal has a different body chemistry and will require a bit of experimentation to find the perfect dosage.

With toxicity, the symptoms are more severe as compared to adverse effects. Laziness progresses to coma, and respiratory depression progresses to inadequate oxygenation. Blood pressure reduces significantly, which puts stress on most organ systems, potentially causing long-term effects.

Toxicities can be managed through aggressive medical management. This may include IV fluids, protective drugs, and oxygen supplementation. The effects of most of the compounds may wear off after 2-3 days.

Overdose: An overdose is a dose that is too large such that it causes adverse or lethal reactions in pets. This happens when the quantity of CBD administered to the pet exceeds the recommended amount, which can have severe consequences. On the contrary to popular belief, the amount of CBD overdose can be highly variable. It depends on several factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Species
  • Hydration status
  • Cardiovascular, neurological, and other sensitivities
  • Presence of other compounds

CBD overdose is rare. In fact, it happens when you leave your high-potency CBD extracts out where a pet can mistakenly ingest the whole thing. Another potential reason for overdose could be a well-meaning pet parent giving a considerable quantity or an unknown quantity to their pet.


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