Can You Think Yourself Sick? How Your Thoughts Can Hinder or Help

Are My Thoughts Making Me Sick

Someone asked me today if my passion if life was growing and processing marijuana. Truth be told I do love growing these amazing plants, extracting the oil and making our wonderful healing products. But my passion extends beyond that. What I really love is helping people feel better and helping them heal themselves. After all our bodies are designed to heal themselves naturally and it all starts with what we eat and what we think.

What a lot of you don’t know is that I am a hypnotherapist, I’ve spent many years helping people love themselves more and heal themselves. I saw many people with pain and disease and a lot of this was caused by the thoughts they held in their minds about themselves.

Here is a great example: A practicing Catholic woman in her 40’s came in for fibromyalgia pain. After a few sessions we figured out what started the whole process 20 years before. She was in college in her 20’s and had an affair with a married professor (he too was very religious). After a while they broke it off and she went on her way to work in overseas feeling extremely GUILTY for what she’d done. She kept telling herself that God was going to punish her. While overseas she heard the news that the professor had been in a motor cycle accident and lost his eye. She was devastated and kept asking, “what is my retribution going to be?”  Within weeks she developed lyme disease (what we focus on we attract i.e. I’m going to be punished). Her professor eventually died in a car crash months later. His GUILT killed him. And her GUILT was slowly killing her.

Even though I pointed out to her that God is non-judgemental and that it was not him that was punishing her but her own thoughts and GUILT, she just couldn’t buy it. She never got better because she refused to change her story, she refused to take responsibility for her thoughts.


When you tell your body that it’s fat and ugly, you hate your nose, your butt is too big etc., what message are you giving your subconscious mind? I hate my body! What do you think your body will do if you don’t love it? I think you get the message!

Start loving your body and let go of all negative feelings towards others. God is not judging you, only you are. Become responsible for your thoughts. Now here’s a scary one: every thought you think IS an affirmation! OUCH! Replace every negative thought with three positive affirmations.

Kelly McLoughlin
Owner FlowerChild CBD