CBD Counteracts the Effects of THC

CBD Inhibits the Metabolization of THC!

In many cases in the media, we are seeing veterinarians and emergency room doctors counting the arising weekly intakes of overdoses on cannabis infused edibles. In each story they say, “there’s nothing that can be done.” We are here to let you know that this is not true, something absolutely can be done. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a known tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) inhibitor, which means that a CBD dose can be administered to any patient or anyone that is feeling “too high.” No matter where you stand or how you feel about the cannabis plant, the medical research shows definite evidence of THC metabolizing at a different rate when CBD was administered.

In 1996 a study was conducted by the Department of Pharmacy, at the University of California, San Francisco determining that CBD inhibited the metabolization of THC and cyclosporine (an immunosuppressive drug used to prevent the rejection of drafts and transplants), in mouse and human microsomes. The study found that CBD selectively decreased THC levels in human cells, specifically the group of metabolizing enzymes in the human liver. Another study was conducted in 2013 that found CBD inhibited paranoid and psychotic symptoms in human test subjects when administered prior to dosing intravenous THC.

The Beckley foundation also conducted a study on a female human. In this two day study, on one occasion, she was given a mixture of intravenous THC plus CBD and on the other day she was ministered pure THC. With the CBD mix she was euphoric, coherent and happy. In contrast with the pure THC, she was paranoid, couldn’t form thoughts, couldn’t remember things, and was extremely mentally uncomfortable with how she was feeling.

THC is a psychoactive compound that makes you feel “high” and sometimes too high if ingested in concentrated forms. CBD is the answer when a human or animal “overdoses” on marijuana. On a molecular level, CBD inhibits and decreases THC levels in the body. It is a statistical fact that there have been zero deaths in history from cannabis alone. Do not let a doctor tell you nothing can be done for your dog that accidentally ate your roach, hash, or brownie. High CBD oils, including extractions from the legal hemp plant are available at your local cannabis dispensary or you can purchase sublingual products online and have it shipped to you for your medicine cabinet.

The dosing for a pet or a dog will not need to be nearly as high as for a human, but it’s important to spread the word and knowledge about this so that eventually veterinary offices and hospitals have CBD on hand as an antidote for a THC overdose. There are many CBD products available in shops and online.

Excerpt from Edible Magazine.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

An Oregon based company FlowerChildCBD.com makes an affordable alcohol-free Hemp CBD tincture for humans and pets which runs about $40. They are a small company who pride themselves with quality, organic product. They grow most of the strains on their farm and do all of the processing themselves. All of their products are tested by accredited labs in Oregon for pesticides and potency.