Top Reasons Why CBD & CBG Have Grown In Popularity

The last few years have been simply incredible as the world has witnessed so much new. Not only in terms of technology and invention, but also with respect to medical health. COVID-19 situation and global lockdown were new to everyone. People were struggling for their lives, and scientists were looking for ways to deal with the deadly virus (coronavirus). Though we have successfully invented vaccines to fight against the fatal virus, the risk is still there. People are left with an option to take measures to improve their immunity and help their bodies to fight against the virus. Prevention is the best solution to combat this virus.

In recent studies, Cannabinoids have been found to block cellular entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the emerging variants. Cannabinoids like CBG and CBD can act as a complement to vaccines. These small-molecule therapeutic agents can treat or prevent infections caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 and its variants which cause COVID-19. That’s why the “CBG Products Near Me” is the most searched phrase on the search engines these days. People are actively using CBD & CBG to strengthen their immune systems and prevent the virus from infecting them. Apart from this, CBD & CBG has several proclaimed health benefits. Let’s discuss them in detail!


Cannabinoids like CBD & CBG have mainly been used to reduce pain, manage insomnia, treat anxiety, and relax body muscles. A study has proved that high doses of CBD can help patients with insomnia to wake less and sleep peacefully for longer times. Also, CBD application has anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in reduced joint pains and swelling in patients with arthritis. Although more research is required to provide more conclusive evidence for the long-term benefits of CBD/CBG, the results available so far from the studies have shown the excellent potential of cannabinoids in treating different medical conditions.


With ongoing hype surrounding cannabinoids, you can find thousands of products on the internet. Several websites are selling CBD & CBG products. Some of them have really proved worthwhile; others have disappointed the users. It is important to check the product description, its manufacturing, and the hemp source. You must check whether the product is manufactured using organic produce from the United States or not. Some manufacturers buy cheap farm produce from different countries and manufacture CBD & CBG products. The potency and effects of such products don’t meet the users’ expectations. Also, such products are much cheaper than high-quality and branded CBD products.

What’s the solution?

If you really wish to enjoy the benefits of CBD products, always shop from a trusted source that offers high-quality CBD & CBG tinctures for sale, gummies, herbal tea, edibles, and other products. Make sure they get the produce from organic farms in the United States that follow farming standards and grades. 

Flower Child CBD is one such company that is trusted for its CBD & CBG products. We offer full-spectrum products, which means our CBD products contain all of the 100’s of compounds found in the hemp plant.

Our CBD and CBG hemp flowers are grown in Oregon and Colorado. Our hemp CBD is grown organically using sustainable and organic measures. We get our final products tested by nationally accredited third-party labs for heavy metals, pesticides, microbial, and potency. We use food-grade alcohol to extract the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from the hemp flowers. We have a wide product range for CBD lovers. These include:

  • Tinctures: We have several CBD & CBG oil tinctures available in different concentrations – 350, 700 & 1400. we also have tinctures available in CBD & CBG blend, Ginger & Turmeric blend and a night time PM blend for better sleep.
  • Topical: We have CBD topical salve, CBG topical salve, CBD & CBG blend salves,  CBD and CBG tattoo healing balm, roll-ons, balms, and moisturizers. Our CBD salves are again available in different concentrations – 350 & 1000.
  • Pet Products: Our specialized Pet CBD Oil Tinctures are available in two different concentrations – 350 for small animals and 700 for large animals.
  • Sensual: We have a Yoni Delight CBD Lube and Moisturizer that contains the beneficial qualities of CBD along with the moisturizing properties of cacao butter, coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. It can be used as a sexual lubricant, antifungal or antibacterial agent, and a moisturizer to treat rashes. 
  • Munchies and Tea: This CBD category includes CBDA & CBGA herbal tea, which may help increase your body’s immunity and fight against coronavirus. We also have sleep CBN & CBD vanilla caramels that are delicious chewy CBD caramels and a great alternative to CBD oil.
  • Smokables: We have CBD Joints or Pre-rolls, CBD Hemp Flower & CBG Smokable Flower for those who find smokables a more potent option than oils and edibles. 


CBD has numerous health benefits, but still, there is a need for more research and study before we claim its confirmed safety and benefits. Always read labels and company claims before buying CBD and CBG products online. Trying new things to see if they work or not is a good thing to do, but stay cautious and vigilant about your medical conditions. We don’t know about others, but Flower Child CBD offers the highest quality and best CBD & CBG products online. Shop with us today!