Health Pros and Cons of High THC Cannabis

Guest Post by Laurice Wardini (

With all the latest hype about cannabis, its legal status, and its uses, you can’t help but wonder a bit about the pros and cons of weed for your body. Even if you’ve been an avid consumer, are you consuming it right? What is your body receiving by taking CBD and THC into your system? If you haven’t tried weed yet, should you? From all the news you’re getting, perhaps cannabis will do wonders for your well-being.

If you’re conflicted, that’s completely understandable. Medical marijuana is allowed under certain conditions only, but the demand for it is very high as it seems to work very well in practice while we’re waiting for more research to be approved. Despite the beneficial effects of weed, there are some adverse ones to be avoided.

To clarify all these questions, take a look at our cool and easy to understand infographic. Here’s what all of us should know about weed: