Hair Grows Back With This Secret CBD Recipe

Can CBD Grow Hair?

This Happened To My Mother At This Age

2016 – I’d just turned 50 and all my girlfriends told me this was the turning point, the next stage of my life was going to be the best! They said that something happens to a woman when she hits 50, she becomes “empowered”.

Seriously?? I don’t think so.

Shortly after that grandiose birthday I noticed some hair loss, nothing to be too concerned with I hoped. By the time I hit 52 my hair was coming out in clumps. I was too afraid to even wash it on a regular basis as I could see the mass of hair clogging up the shower drain and it freaked me out. I remembered my mom going through the same thing at this age, she ended up getting a wig as her hair got so thin and patchy. She blamed it on her low functioning thyroid. I was blaming mine on hormones as I’d been on thyroid medication for 25 years and never had this problem.

My Turn To Buy A Wig

I didn’t think this would happen to me but I did it, I went and bought a wig. Wearing it was awful, itchy and hot. I hated it, but I thought I’d get used to the idea just in case I ended up bald!

Something Amazing Happens

Fast forward to November 2018. I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds and it ain’t working for me. I hear from a friend that she lost 20 lb’s in 3 months doing a smoothie diet. I have been juicing on and off for years not very consistently but I do have the equipment 😉 and my man bought me a vitamix for my birthday so I’m set for my smoothie diet.

I was very determined to lose the weight and began by doing just smoothies 3x a day for a week and then adding one meal a day to 2 smoothies.

No More Hair In the Shower Drain!

I was about 6 weeks into it when I realized that my hair had stopped falling out. The loose hair in the shower drain got less and less and I wasn’t cleaning my brush after every use. My bangs were growing like weeds! I had done nothing else but add the smoothies to my daily regimen. Now, I thought I had a pretty healthy diet for the most part but my body was telling me different, obviously I was lacking a lot for my hair to be affected the way it was. And if my hair was falling out like that then I wonder what other body parts were affected?

Here’s What I Did

Kelly’s Smoothie Infusion for Hair (Loss) Growth

In this order put into a high speed blender, I use a vitamix which is very powerful and mixes everything perfectly. Blend for 60 seconds or until everything is blended smoothly. Makes 2 smoothies

10oz Cold water
handful of ice (optional)
1 tsp Vitamineral Green (Natural Grocers, Wholefoods, Sprouts)
1 tsp Bullet Proof Brain Octane Oil (Natural Grocers, Wholefoods, Sprouts, online)
1tbsp Dried Nettle Leaf (Mountain Rose Herbs)
6 fresh cannabis leaves or 1 tsp dried CBD flower* (Smoothie Infusion @
1 green apple or 1  banana or frozen fruit
1 carrot
1 large celery stick
1 inch slice fresh ginger root
2 romaine lettuce leaves
2 Kale Leaves
handful of fresh spinach leaves

You can add frozen fruit for a sweeter smoothie or a pinch of stevia, and change up the greens to whatever you prefer. Just make sure you have more greens than anything else. You can also use almond milk or coconut milk. I use water as I’m trying to lose weight and don’t need the added calories. Let me know how you are doing, I love to hear some more success stories!

* Smoothie Infusion is raw CBD cannabis flower full of CBD. This has not been activated with heat so it will not make you drowsy. This can be substituted with the FlowerChild CBD or CBG Tinctures but they may make you sleepy. If you do substitute start low and slow and work your way up to a dosage that works for you.