5 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil

Guest post by: Katherine Elvis (https://cannabisy.ca/)

CBD oil is really in the spotlight these days as the latest and most effective essential oil. It is cannabis-derived oil because of which it has its fair share of controversies which we will get into later. CBD oil, however, is packed full of useful compounds and nutrients which make it function like a sort of elixir for our health and beauty.

Since the controversies regarding cannabis and its derivatives are slowly being clarified, the use of CBD oil is also becoming more and more common. It is being used in massage parlors, in homes for cooking, in aromatic diffusers, and so much more. Most people who have used this oil for their ailments have testified to its benefits as well.

So before we go into the health and beauty benefits of CBD oil let us clarify some of the controversies that surround this oil:

Difference Between CBD Oil and Other Cannabis Derivatives:

CBD oil is indeed not the same as the cannabis strain: 91 supreme or even similar because with its use you do not get high, dizzy, or euphoric. You don’t openly feel any of the symptoms of smoking marijuana that you do from marijuana. And yet they are both derivatives of cannabis. So what sets them apart?

The main difference lies in the levels of THC in both the compounds. For those of you who don’t know, THC is the compound present in marijuana and its different strains that makes you high and euphoric. CBD oil has little to no THC so it cannot possibly make you lose your senses or get high.

CBD oil derives its benefits from the compound known as cannabidiol or CBD. It is a milder form of THC in the sense that it has all the benefits of THC in a much milder form. Marijuana strains also contain CBD so you can expect similar benefits from smoking marijuana but they come at the cost of getting high.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Beauty and Health

Skincare and Hair Care

Some of the most potent benefits of CBD oil are for the skin and the hair. For example, CBD oil is full of antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich essential oils work wonders in reversing the signs of aging. There are many free-radicals present on our skin. When these free-radicals come in contact with the oxygen in the air, they become oxidized which causes them to form fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes on our faces.

When you apply antioxidant-rich CBD oil on your face, these free radicals no longer get oxidized in the air so you can easily prevent signs of aging from appearing.

Other than that, CBD oil can act as a fantastic moisturizer as well. When you apply a layer of CBD oil on your face, it moisturizes you from deep within, leaving your skin soft and smooth. However, the best part about moisturizing with CBD oil is that it does not leave a film of grease on your face afterward. The oil absorbs into your skin and works from deep within, while you remain grease-free with soft skin on the outside.

CBD oil also works wonders for people who have acne-prone skin because it works well in reducing inflammation on the face. More on that later, however, let us move on to hair care.

You can mix CBD oil with coconut oil or any other carrier oil of your choice and apply it to your hair for a myriad of benefits.

First of all, CBD oil moisturizes your scalp and prevents it from flaking. This leaves your hair soft, shiny, and flake-free.

Secondly, the oil also strengthens your hair follicles which make your hair thicker and stronger than it used to be. All in all, the oil works as well for the hair as it does for the skin.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

There has been quite a bit of research and studies that show that using CBD oil topically or otherwise can reduce inflammations and also soothe pain sensations. Perhaps that is why medical strains of cannabis are preferred over opioids as painkillers.

Because CBD oil works well in reducing inflammation, it works great for acne prone skin and skin that has diseases as well. For example, the reduction in inflammation can help people who have psoriasis or dermatitis.

You can also apply the oil to wounded and fractured areas to help in numbing the pain sensations and to reduce the swelling in that area as well.

Promotes Healing

Regular use of CBD oil on acne scars, body scars, and wounds shows that it is quite beneficial for promoting the healing of our tissues as well. The cells in our body regenerate quickly and efficiently once you apply CBD oil to the lesion in question.

There has been some speculation about the uses of CBD for the treatment of cancer as well. Perhaps the fact that it promotes the healing of the body contributes something significant to this speculation.

Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

One of the most potent benefits of CBD oil is that on our mental health. The oil works wonders in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. The effects of the oil are much less potent than actual, smoking marijuana, though.

To reap these advantages of CBD oil, you can put it in an aroma diffuser in your room and wait as the environment around you becomes calm and relaxing. You can also ask your masseuse to mix the oil in with the other essential oils in their concoctions so that they can use it on your body while you receive a massage.

Improves General Health

You can also add CBD oil to your food. Ingesting the oil can help regulate your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Other than that, the oil also works wonders for the heart and the mind because it is full of many different omega fatty acids. It removes cholesterol from your blood vessels and promotes the growth of your nerve linings as well.

Author Bio:
Katherine Elvis, a mother of a one-year-old kid named, Jim. She is a clinical psychologist, and her passion is to learn the medical studies and social sciences, that’s why she has a lot of interest in writing and blogging on medical, general, and social areas of the human personalities. She regularly writes blogs at https:/cannabisy.ca/.