Sore Feet? Find Out How CBD Can Help You Get Relief!

High heel shoes make you feel tall and elegant. And in some instances work demands you to stand all day in the same place. Are your legs and feet tired after wearing heels or standing for the entire day? Yes, the issue is common, and we definitely can not neglect the fashion trends or change our lifestyle in a go. Our legs and feet help us move around the whole day, taking us from A to B, but we seldom take time to even give them a little TLC. 

Foot pain and soreness in muscles are nothing new. Foot pain can prevent you from performing day-to-day activities if not treated properly. There are many ways to get relief from foot pain like massage, stretching, proper footwear etc.; however CBD products like full-spectrum CBD tinctures, oils and balms can be very beneficial in providing relief from annoying pain. Let’s find out different causes of foot pain and how to get relieve it!


While exhaustion and improper footwear can be the two most common reasons for foot aches and pains; other reasons which affect foot health could be:

  • Sprains and different types of foot injuries
  • Strain because of obesity
  • Excessive walking or standing 
  • Foot structure like flat feet, high arches, etc.
  • Poorly fitted shoes

Regardless of the reason behind your foot ache, you can soothe your feet with some simple tips before consulting a physician.

  •  Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We care for almost every part of our body and often neglect the important one that enables us to walk. Our feet help us walk around and give us many warning signs every day, but we only lay down on the bed at night in the name of foot care. That’s all we think we can do. However, you can treat foot pain at home with these simple self-care tips:

  • Maintain A Healthy Weight

Your feet carry the burden of your whole body. Thus, maintaining a healthy body weight can help alleviate some extra pressure on the feet. To maintain a healthy weight, get in touch with a dietician or fitness trainer so that they can provide you with custom diet and workout plans according to your condition. High-impact exercises may trigger more pain in your feet, whereas riding a bicycle or doing exercises that don’t use foot pressure may be better.

  • Stretch And Massage

Our feet and leg muscles are like a rubber band. It is crucial to stretch and massage them regularly to maintain their flexibility. Neglecting the stretch and massage schedule will result in stiff and sore muscles exerting more stress on the feet. You can also try a foam roller for this.

  • Higher Quality Shoes

It is said good shoes take you to good places. Indeed, spending money on good-quality shoes will take your feet to lesser aches and pains. Go for stable, fitted, and supportive shoes. Also, measure your shoe size next time you buy shoes because, with time, shoe size may change.

  • Do not Stand For A Long Time

Standing and walking around all day may help you burn a few calories, but at the expense of your feet. So, indulge in taking breaks and keep your feet moving for healthy blood circulation. 

  • CBD Can Help Your Sore Feet

CBD’s popularity is on the rise and people are turning to CBD for sore feet. As per studies, many people suffer from foot problems because of excessive standing, walking, or other issues. Using CBD salve as a foot ointment to ease achy feet is not a new trend but is highly effective. However, choosing the right product as per your need in this vast market can be challenging. So, consider three things whenever you buy a CBD product: 

  • Type of CBD
  • Concentration of ingredients
  • Extraction process 

Flower Child CBD offers the best CBD products due to our gentle extraction method and top-quality source flower. Our products also undergo third-party testing, and we provide complete transparency in extraction processes. 


  • CBD Topical Salve 350: Rub this amazing CBD balm directly into sore joints and muscles with a bit of massage, and it will ease the stress and pain in your foot and other joints. This CBD topical salve contains full-spectrum CBD and is infused with certified essential oils and herbs like rosemary, arnica, and comfrey, which help in improving blood circulation, minimizing stiffness, and relieving pain and swelling.
  • CBD Roll-On with CBG: This roll-on topical contains full-spectrum alcohol-extracted crude oil. 350mg CBD and 350mg of CBG. It may initiate a soothing, cooling sensation that turns into warmth when rubbed in. It helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness and reduces soreness.


Our feet are known to have 25 percent of our total bones, not to mention the number of ligaments, tendons and muscles. Taking proper care of your feet does not end up with taking your shoes off. Yes, it may help, but if you are regularly affected with pain in the foot, try the self-care tips mentioned above. CBD oil products provide the best relief holistically and naturally. Applying a CBD topical product may help in relieving those sore feet.

Sore feet can limit your moments of enjoyment, so take care of your feet. And, if you want more information on CBD products, please visit our website.