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Add Wellness To Your Life With The Best CBG and CBD Tinctures 

CBD tinctures are the preferred method of CBD consumption. They provide a simple, easy, and natural way to take CBD. Also, full-spectrum CBD tinctures are the most effective type of CBD, since they contain all the plant’s natural compounds. FlowerChild CBD offers our products in different potencies, such as 350mg, 700mg, 1400mg, & 3000mg. Our CBD and CBG oils are formulated for maximum healing potential and are made using 100% all-natural materials.

What Are CBD Tinctures? 

The term “tincture” refers a medicinal extract made by dissolving plant compounds in ethyl alcohol. FlowerChild CBD tinctures are oil-based; they have had all the alcohol cooked off. Our products are made by steeping high-CBD and high-CBG cannabis in food grade alcohol, which extracts all the cannabinoids and healing compounds. Then the mixture is kept at a low heat until all the alcohol evaporates. The remaining extract is then blended with grape seed oil to produce an easy-to-take CBD oil. The result is the best CBD tincture on the market. This is a simple and smokeless way to dose CBD.

FlowerChild CBD offers full-spectrum, whole-plant, small-batch CBD and CBG products, and some of the best CBD tinctures available. All of our products comply with strict standards for quality, purity, efficiency, and labeling.