CBD tattoo healing: CBG, CBD, and how they help tattoos

So you’re getting a tattoo and want to know if CBD or CBG can help. The quick answer is yes; when it comes to tattoos, CBD and CBG offer profound benefits.

Between 40-50% of people worldwide have tattoos today. One of the most common concerns with tattoos is the healing process. The tattoo artist uses a machine fixed with multiple tiny needles that puncture the skin with permanent ink, creating an artistic wound that needs to be treated with more care than a cut or scrape. The artist ensures everything is sterile during the tattooing process, but aftercare is just as important. If a tattoo isn’t given proper aftercare, it can get infected and the art may be damaged. Since tattoos create a permanent mark on your body and are also quite expensive, preserving the artwork is top priority.

So how can CBD and CBG help with tattoos?

CBD and CBG can help prepare you before and during the tattooing process, can help speed up tattoo heal time, and can help ensure your artwork is beautifully preserved.

What is CBD? What is CBG? How do they work?

CBD and CBG are both non-intoxicating cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. They are similar in their effects and applications, but overall CBG is considered to be stronger. Both cannabinoids are highly effective at helping with a variety of conditions. This is because they work in harmony with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a receptor network natural to all vertebrates (creatures with a spine). The short version of how it works is this: the ECS creates endocannabinoids and uses them to help keep your body’s physiological processes in balance, but if it’s depleted (due to chronic stress, toxins, etc.), it can’t produce enough endocannabinoids and therefore it can’t do it’s job right — which is where CBD and CBG come in. Your body uses CBD and CBG the same way it uses its own endocannabinoids. They interact with the ECS and help your body keep everything running smoothly.

You can read our in-depth article about the endocannabinoid system here.

CBD and CBG are similar, but they are still different cannabinoids. Some people’s bodies do better with CBG, some do better with CBD, and some do best with a combination of both. One of the key differences is that CBG tends to be more stimulating while CBD is more sedating. CBG wakes the mind up while CBD calms the mind down. Both help encourage a positive mood and a balanced mind and body.

CBD tattoo CBG

Prepare your mind and body for tattoos with CBD and CBG

One of the worst parts about getting a tattoo — especially your first tattoo — is the anxiety. Of course, the pain itself can also be challenge, but usually the anxiety makes the pain seem like it will be much worse than it actually is. Whether you’re personally more affected by the anxiety or the pain, CBD and CBG can help.

CBD / CBG and tattoo anxiety

CBD has been shown to be greatly effective at reducing anxiety. A 2015 study published in the journal Neurotherapeutics writes, “current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders”. It can promote a sense of calm and inner peace. This is extremely valuable when you’re getting tattooed, because if you’re calm, the whole experience will be much more enjoyable. Anxiety can cause people to be hyper-focused on the perceived threat of pain, which in turn magnifies the pain.

Taking CBD oil before getting tattooed allows you to enter the experience in a much calmer state of mind. You can take more CBD during the tattoo (if it’s a long tattoo session) in order to remain anxiety-free throughout. CBD is an ideal choice for this because it is non-intoxicating; it calms you without getting you high. THC, which is the cannabinoid popular on the recreational market because it does get you high, will often cause paranoia and make anxiety worse, so it is not recommended in this circumstance. It’s okay to take a CBD oil that contains traces of THC, however, because the small amount of THC present in full-spectrum CBD oils contributes to CBD’s beneficial effects. CBG helps with anxiety too, but in general, CBD offers more of a body calm. We suggest taking a blend of CBD and CBG for the best results.

CBD / CBG and tattoo pain

One of the most popular benefits of CBD is its natural pain-relieving qualities. Cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG have been studied for their effects on pain, especially chronic pain, and have been found to be effective overall.

If you take CBD or CBG before getting a tattoo, your body will process the pain better and make it hurt less. CBG is particularly good at relieving pain. It takes the edge off without any intoxication. CBG is also known for being uplifting and improving your mood, which also plays a part in how you perceive pain. If you go into the tattoo experience feeling calm and happy, your mind is less likely to narrow-in on the pain. With the help of CBD and CBG’s pain relieving qualities, it’s easier to go into the experience calm and happy. And with less pain, getting a tattoo is a much more pleasant experience. Your body releases fewer stress hormones, you’re surprised with how little the tattoo hurts, and you leave the chair feeling good.

CBD tattoo CBG

CBD, CBG, and tattoo aftercare

As well as helping with the before-and-during part of getting a tattoo, CBD and CBG can be powerful allies in the healing process. You want to give your tattoo proper attention to ensure vibrant, lasting, beautiful artwork.

CBD and CBG are powerful anti-inflammatories

Tattoos can cause inflammation, and CBD and CBG are both great at reducing inflammation. Multiple studies have explored this, including this one published in the scientific journal Future Med Chem. Both CBD and CBG inhibit the inflammatory response and essentially calm your body down. They encourage your immune system not to overreact to the tattoo. When your body overreacts to a tattoo, complications arise. This can cause you unnecessary stress and threaten the quality of the artwork. By taking CBD/CBG oil as well as applying a topical ointment that contains CBD/CBG, you give your body the best tools available for a smooth healing process. The oils, taken sublingually (under the tongue), help your immune system function better and reduce inflammation from the inside out. The topicals (applied directly to the tattoo) give localized attention to your tattoo and reduce any surface swelling.

CBD and CBG can help speed up the tattoo healing process

CBD and CBG can help speed up the tattoo healing process by helping your immune system function better and ensuring that the area is as least stressed out as possible. When you use a topical ointment that contains CBD/CBG, the cannabinoids soak in and interact directly with the cannabinoid receptors in that area. This allows those receptors to function exceptionally well and do their job beautifully. For you, this means your body gives focused, balanced attention to healing the tattoo. When you use a topical ointment made specifically for tattoo aftercare, the effects are even better. Most tattoo balms contain added healing herbs, such as calendula and arnica, that contain healing properties of their own. Combining these powerful plant medicines creates a premier healing salve that your tattoo will love. Self-care at its finest.


A tattoo usually takes between 7-14 days to heal. This is when you follow mainstream aftercare protocols and just wash the tattoo a couple times a day and put vaseline on it. By adding CBD and CBG into your tattoo routine, you can drastically speed up heal time and have a much better experience overall. CBD / CBG oils can reduce anxiety and pain before and during the tattooing process and help keep inflammation down. Topicals can also reduce inflammation, speed up heal time, and reduce the (often extreme) itchiness that comes with a healing tattoo.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, CBD and CBG can enhance the entire experience. Combining a tincture and a topical gives your body the best tools to heal itself with and protects you and your artwork. Whether you take CBD, CBG, or a combination of both, you’re doing good for your body and great for your tattoo.

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Have fun in the chair!

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