Dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans do — meaning their bodies are naturally designed to work with and benefit from cannabinoids. CBD is one such cannabinoid that has earned plenty of attention for itself; when CBD stimulates the cannabinoid receptors of any dog, cat, or human, a variety of healing effects are produced within the body. CBD has been shown to help reduce pain and anxiety, relieve allergies, fight bacteria and fungi, calm aggression, reduce inflammation, shrink tumors, and contribute to general wellbeing. Some pet owners have even reported a return of vitality and excitement to pets that had previously been tired and/or sick.

CBD can be ingested, such as when it is infused into an oil and taken by mouth, or applied topically, such as with a shampoo or salve. When it comes to our furry friends, salves can make a greasy mess of the fur and might not be the preferred option, so pet shampoo infused with CBD is a great alternative. Applying CBD topically can help immensely with skin problems, such as rashes, dryness, and itchiness, and can also help maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

CBD pet shampoo is a wonderful way to contribute to your pet’s skin and coat health since it absorbs right into the skin and fur. A warm bath opens the skin’s pores and lets the CBD soak in nice and deep. Topical application of CBD allows the cannabinoid to interact directly with receptors near the body’s surface, which allows the cannabinoid to focus its effort on the area that needs it most. For dry or itchy skin, this can provide both immediate and long-lasting relief. 

For best results, it is suggested that CBD be taken both topically and orally; this allows for the maximum stimulation of cannabinoid receptors in the body, and thereby produces the most profound healing effects. For humans, a tincture and a salve combination can assist the body with just about any ailment — for pets, a tincture and a shampoo can do just the same.

Before we started giving our dog CBD, we struggled for 2 years to find a solution to her chronically itchy skin and found that nothing worked. She would chew and itch herself raw no matter what we fed her, bathed her with, or massaged her with. Then we discovered the magic that is CBD. After only 1 week of CBD treatment, her skin healed completely and hasn’t been dry or itchy a day since. By taking CBD internally as well as topically, the body can heal in every direction. It truly is miraculous.

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