Some Common Myths About Full-Spectrum CBD and CBG Oil

We live in a world where people easily believe in gossip and myths rather than facts and truth. Whether you search for organic foods or full spectrum CBG oil, you will end up with a list of commonly known myths. But how to differentiate a fact from a myth? Indeed confusing!

There is a lot of misinformation about CBD and CBG circulating over the internet. Sometimes, it becomes quite challenging to identify whether or not the resource sharing the information is credible. We never take myths seriously, but we consider it our responsibility to inform our customers and other CBD users about the information they should know about CBD/CBG products, their use, benefits, side effects, etc. 

First things First, What is CBG/CBD and why are there so many Myths about them?

CBD and CBG are natural products derived from hemp plants. There are thousands of varieties of cannabis plants, some of which produce psychoactive symptoms (caused by THC) after consumption. But CBD and CBG flower products contain less or negligible THC, which doesn’t make anyone high. 

CBD and CBG products are gaining immense popularity these days, such that many people are finding them suitable for different health conditions like pain, anxiety, depression, and others. Also, many prefer natural CBD/CBG products like CBG for pain, over chemical pharmaceutical products.  More than 50 clinical trials on cannabinoids have suggested a potential value for CBD in some neuropsychiatric disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia. This has made people trust CBD/CBG products like CBD salve, CBD joints, CBG flower and cannabigerol oil more than chemical-based drugs. 

Still, certain researchers and health experts oppose CBD products’ manufacturing and use. They share wrong information about CBD products and mislead users. Here are some common myths about CBD/CBG and the facts!


The biggest misconception about CBD/CBG– it will get you high. If you know a little about the cannabis industry, you must have heard about THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a substance known to make you feel high, and CBD/CBG is often confused with it. 

The fact is that CBD/CBG has no psychoactive qualities and does not produce any adverse effects on your mind. All CBD/CBG products such as CBD/CBG roll ons, tinctures, creams, etc. are extracted from the hemp plants, and scientific research proves CBD/CBG does not get you high. That is the reason why CBD/CBG is legal in all 50 states of the U.S.


CBD/CBG is an incredible substance. However, the ongoing research and FDA regulations make it hard for people to believe in the positive effects of CBD/CBG. Regarding regulations, the FDA has always maintained a strict posture for CBD/CBG and forbids companies and health sites from making any medical claims. The reason is that every person’s body reacts differently, so consumers need to be aware of what they consume. But, this mere act from the FDA spreads the wrong idea about CBD/CBG among consumers.

The fact here is that CBD is proven to be helpful, as per several studies and many people’s testimonies. Researchers all around the world have concluded that there are several CBD/CBG oil benefits. Some have also claimed CBD oil for anxiety and depression. This shows that Full-spectrum Cbd Tinctures and CBG oil may help you get relief from different health conditions.


Marijuana users have always equated THC and CBD on the same levels. This could be a reason why people consider CBD/CBG as a sedative. Strangely, the same Marijuana users do not like to consume the marijuana strain with a high composition of CBD as they feel it kills the buzz. So what’s the truth?

The truth is that CBD/CBG does have calming properties and may make you sleepy if you take too much. Many people will take CBD/CBG at night to help calm the mind and help with sleep. Another way to benefit from hemp derivatives is with CBG flower. You can buy CBG products like Full spectrum cbg oil, from Flower Child.


Wrong! CBD’s quality varies from one manufacturer to another depending on the harvest, extraction, processing, and storage of the products. Even the soil quality can significantly impact the quality of the CBD/CBG product you are buying. That means the effects of a product depend on the quality of CBD/CBG. So, what’s the next step?

You should buy CBD/CBG from a reputable seller, and consider a few points in mind when you are out there buying CBD tincture online or from a local store. Check out our blog– “How to choose a quality CBD/CBG product’ for more information.”


Yes, CBD and CBG are potent cannabinoids, but they are not the only cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Studies show hemp plants contain more than 100 cannabinoids, which have a crucial role. FlowerChild’s CBD tinctures contain not only CBD and CBG, but also CBC, THC and CBN in small quantities. Plus, the terpenes and flavonoids present in the plant also complement CBD and promote entourage effects in the human body. Therefore, you can buy the best CBG oil at Flower child and reap the benefits of cannabigerol.

To Sum Up!

Above are a few of the common CBD myths circulating on the internet. If you’ve any doubts or questions about CBD, feel free to contact us. At Flower Child CBD, we offer quality CBD products like CBD vanilla caramels, CBG oil 700 tincture, Pet CBD oil 350 tincture, etc. Check out our product range if you want to buy CBG hemp flower online. You can also apply for a wholesale account. 

Hopefully, this helps. Have a good day!