When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Products?

Before we dive into the right or wrong time to take CBD, let’s first understand why such a question has arisen. The CBD industry has taken over the market with its natural treatment for some everyday health problems. The products range from cannabigerol oil to CBD shampoos. The industry’s popularity is booming with the exclusive benefits it offers the users. However, like any human being, we always like to be informed about maximizing the current benefits rate. Again, timing is about personal choices, but a regular CBD dosage helps keep the level of endocannabinoids at an optimal level.  

How To Decide The Right Time For Taking CBD?

The absorption rate of CBD depends on many factors like body weight, CBD content in product, usage frequency, and body fat percentage. Depending on the product type you are using, its potency will differ accordingly. To maximize the benefit from CBG or CBD products, we will advise you to start with low dosages for a beginner. Let’s have a look at how you can decide the right time for CBG or CBD dosage:

How Does CBD Affect You In The Morning?

Every morning is like a new wake-up song. Your body is full of energy and spirit to tackle every task that comes your way. Nevertheless, sometimes we wake up with a dull spirit which affects our ability to concentrate and perform our duties. A little help from our friend cannabis can go a  long way.

Increase focus

Most of us consume coffee to let our day takeoff with good energy. But consuming too much caffeine can have adverse effects. Thus, a natural substitute for caffeine, i.e., CBG or cannabigerol oil, may enhance your focus by keeping you more alert at work. In some instances people will take CBD for focus but we find CBD to be more sedating and good for night-time use.


CBD and CBG are excellent choices for relaxing the mind and body. In todays crazy, stress related world people are turning to drugs and alcohol to help with their stress levels. A high quality CBD product along with some calm breathing can work wonders for your anxiety level.

No more stiff muscles

Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day is wonderful. Unfortunately after a long night of laying down, your body may feel stiff in the morning. To combat muscle stiffness, a CBD oil may offer a warm and soothing effect and ease the stiffness in your muscles.

Good workouts

Keeping your mind and body in a healthy state by regular exercise is important. If you’re feeling a little stiff and achy, CBD will make your workout routine more effective by eliminating any stiffness in your muscles and it will help rejuvenate those muscles after the workout.

How Does CBD Affect You In The Evening?

After a long day at work, a person wants to relax. Sometimes however, the stress of the day may prevent you from getting a good nights sleep. Taking a CBD product just before bed will relax your body and mind and may help you get much-needed rest at night. Here’s how taking CBD at night time can benefit you:

A relaxing u-turn

CBD can have a sedative effect on the body in the evening, helping you to unwind and relax completely. 

Help you sleep better

Apart from relaxation, CBD can help you keep a balance of sleep cycles. It limits rapid eye movement sleep disorders like lifelike dreams, swift body movements, etc. 

Minimize thinking

Does your mind start thinking incessantly when you lay down to sleep? This is a big problem a lot of people face. CBD allows your mind to relax and helps you fall asleep quickly and effortlessly. 

When Should You Take CBD Oils And Other Products?

Depending on what type of CBD product you are taking will depend on how quickly it enters the bloodstream and is activated. Edibles usually take longer than smoking or vaping.


CBD oils that are ingested will typically take 60-90 minutes before your body starts feeling the calming effects. These effects can last 8-24 hours.

CBD Caramels

CBD caramels will also take a while before you notice the effects. 45-90 mins is typical. If you are taking the CBD caramels for sleep, it is recommended that you take them 90 mins before bed. These effects can last 8-24 hours.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are great for targeting an area that may be causing physical discomfort. Apply the CBD Salve to the area that is painful and rub it in really well. This will take around 60-90 mins to work too. These effects can last 6-12 hours.

CBD Smokables

For instant relief of pain or insomnia CBD flower can be smoked in a pipe or you may purchase a vape pen and cartridge. These effects can last 2-3 hours.

Key Takeaway

Because every human is different, each individual will need to experiment with their body to find the perfect time and dose for them. Just remember that CBD is more sedating and better for night time and CBG is more stimulating and is better for day time.  At FlowerChild CBD, we offer quality CBD products that may help you get relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and muscle pains.