Full Spectrum CBG Oil – What Do You Need To Know?

Cannabigerol is gaining a lot of attention, and we have already discussed the reasons in our previous blogs. There are several health benefits of CBG; however, it isn’t easy to extract and is not widely available like CBD. While shopping for CBG products online, you may come across different terms related to CBG like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate extracts. Therefore, it is essential to read the contents label before buying CBG oil.

In this blog, we have discussed two important terms related to CBG, i.e., Full Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBG Oil, the difference between them, and how Full Spectrum CBG Oil has the greatest potential compared to other oil types. We have also discussed some creative ways to use CBG oil. Let’s get started!

Difference Between CBG Full Spectrum And Broad-Spectrum Oil

Hemp plants contain several compounds such as essential fatty acids, terpenes, amino acids, omega-6, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Through proper extraction process, each one of these compounds can be extracted separately. They can be used in vitamins and supplements. When you buy the purest form of CBG, which is sometimes called “CBG isolate,” it means that the product contains only CBG. There is no other active compound present in it.

When you buy CBG oil, always read the contents to ensure if it contains only CBG or CBG + other compounds. For example, CBG oil labeled “broad spectrum” means it contains other compounds from the hemp plant except for THC. In other words, it is a THC-free substitute for full-spectrum CBG oil. Generally, full-spectrum CBG includes a complete range of cannabinoids, including minor amounts of THC, terpenes, flavonoids, CBD, and other substances. All these compounds increase the effectiveness of CBG oil. Therefore, full-spectrum CBG oil is an ideal choice.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBG Oil?

A full spectrum CBG oil is produced by harvesting the complete cannabinoid profile. People are more interested in full-spectrum CBG products since it contains less than 0.3% THC  and does not have any psychoactive effect. It will give you relief from pain without getting you high. As already discussed, CBG full-spectrum oil brings you a host of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds. These are naturally present in hemp. Together, these components enhance the effectiveness of the extract. These benefits of full-spectrum are recognized as the “Entourage effect.”

Full Spectrum CBG Oils Have The Greatest Potential: Is It True?

Full-spectrum CBG, also known as “whole plant,” is more effective as a therapeutic agent. More and more pharmacological studies have been conducted on CBG, showing that full-spectrum CBG oil has more potential than other oils. This is perhaps due to the entourage effect, which means that the product is highly effective when all of its components are in one place.

How to Use CBG Full-Spectrum Oil?

Keeping CBG in the form of oil droppers makes it easy to consume. You can add it to your daily edible and beauty products. At FlowerChild, we offer CBG oil in the form of tinctures and topicals. There are several ways to consume CBG oil, depending on its strength. Given below are some creative ways to use CBG full-spectrum oil.

  • Sublingual Absorption: The best and most effective way of consuming CBG oil is by placing it under your tongue. When you add a few drops, you must hold for 30 seconds. It causes straight diffusion into the bloodstream detouring the digestive tract. Thus, a few drops under the tongue results in a quick onset of CBG.
  • Directly Apply To Your Skin: CBG Oil can be applied to sore muscles, achy joints and treat stiffness. It quickly spreads when gently rubbed on affected pain areas. You can mix CBG oil with other topicals, such as balms, body lotions, or shampoos.
  • Add To Food: Many people add CBG oil to their snacks or drinks. It helps them feel energetic. You can hide the undesirable flavor with other ingredients as CBG amalgamates well into anything. If you feel fancy and want to have a sweet treat, you can infuse CBG oil into baked items. Apart from making it taste good, you can also benefit from its fat-burning properties. You can add CBG oil drops in cocktails and juices as well.

Why Is Full-Spectrum CBG Oil Becoming A Subject Of Great Interest?

Cannabigerol is gaining attention because of its excellent potential health benefits. CBG is a non-intoxicating compound and acts as an appetite stimulant. It can combat conditions like glaucoma, Huntington’s disease, and others. It also slows down the proliferation of unwanted cells by acting as a potent anti-proliferative.

Even discussed before, CBG has several therapeutic benefits since it is an analgesic (pain relief) and antidepressant. It interacts with ECS in the human body; thus, proving beneficial for several disorders such as chronic pain, seizures, bladder dysfunction, and anxiety. People with insomnia and gut diseases can get some relief using CBG oil. It also promotes bone growth.

Things To Consider Before Buying CBG Oil

To get the best CBG product, consider some precautions.

  • Verify the product quality and read the company label carefully.
  • Prefer buying tinctures which are the liquid form of oil. You can measure the correct dosage into the dropper.
  • You may find CBG oils in different flavors with additives like dyes, sugar, or unnatural flavorings.
  • Always start with small recommended dosages. For higher dosage, contact your physician.
  • Avoid using CBG oil in pregnancy and severe illnesses.
  • In case of any side effects like nausea, immediately stop consuming hemp oil products.

When you shop with FlowerChild, you don’t have to worry about the quality and purity of Full Spectrum CBG Oil. We offer CBG in different forms such as tinctures, topicals, smokables, sensual lube, etc. Moreover, our CBG tinctures are crafted and extracted with 100% all-natural materials. They are non-GMO, vegan, sugar-free, and alcohol-free. Visit our website to know more about our CBG full-spectrum oils.