Can CBD help restore low testosterone?

Can CBD help restore low testosterone?

Guest post by Tammy Taylor

As men age, their testosterone levels tend to go down. Do you feel a dip in your energy level or sexual drive? Are you considering to opt for testosterone therapy? A majority of men face the dropping testosterone levels or ‘Low T,’ and replacement of testosterone is emerging as a lucrative solution to it. But, it sure comes with a series of risks, which is making men opt-out of it. If you wish to know what is causing them to quit, you are in the right place.

What is testosterone?

Before we go into discussing why men are opting out of testosterone therapy, let’s see what testosterone really is. Testosterone is an androgen or the male hormone, produced by the testicles. The hormone plays a pivotal role in determining a man’s health. It controls bone density, body fat distribution, sex drive, sperm production, body hair, and even the production of red blood cells.
The level of testosterone alters with age. The production of this hormone starts in boys during puberty and goes on to its peak during adolescence. Once a man is in his adulthood, the testosterone levels are not something to worry about. But, as they surpass 30 years of age, the testosterone levels start dropping by 1% each year due to various factors.

How do you know you have a low testosterone level?

Are you in the prime age group of 40 to 50? Then there are high chances that your testosterone levels might be going down. But, you need to look out for these signs to be sure about it:· Physical changes: The first notable symptoms of low T are the physical changes that men go through. While the body fat tends to increase, the muscle strength and bulk usually go down. Apart from that, tenderness in breasts, hair fall, and low energy are some of the other changes that you can look out for.
· Reduction in sexual drive: Lower sex drive and infertility can also be indicators of low testosterone levels.
· Emotional troubles: If you have low mood or depression for an extended period, have a lack of concentration or motivation, low testosterone levels might be the culprit.
· Insomnia: Changes in the sleeping pattern and having trouble sleeping at night can also be one of the symptoms of low T.

What are the treatments available?

There are many organic ways to boost testosterone levels. Apart from changing your dietary pattern and sleeping schedules, you can even hit the gym to help increase the testosterone level. Cannabis can be yet another effective way to give a boost to your dwindling hormones. Some reports show that cannabis, high in CBD, can regulate the testosterone in a male’s body and promote sexual health. You can get cannabis oil or buy edibles online to make the most of its therapeutic effects.

Why is testosterone therapy risky?

Testosterone replacement therapy ensures to balance the hormonal level. There are various ways to increase the testosterone level, be it skin patches, mouth patches, gels or even injections. After going through the treatment, many men report having a better mood, higher energy level, sex drive, and muscle mass.
If testosterone therapy does so much good, why are men bailing out on it? Testosterone therapy has a lot of risks associated with it. When you apply testosterone topically, it can lead to rash, irritation, or infection at the site of application. That’s not all; the side-effects of the therapy can be much more than just external. Although the verdict is still out on how extreme these effects are, experts still believe that testosterone therapy can cause severe damage to your heart or lead up to a stroke.

Here are a few health issues that can erupt due to testosterone replacement therapy:

1. Heart failure: Do you have congestive heart disorders? Then you must try to keep yourself far away from testosterone replacement therapy, for it can further aggravate the situation and lead to heart failure.
2. Blood clots: Most of the products for testosterone therapy come with a fair warning that it can lead to blood clotting in your veins. These products fasten pulmonary embolism and increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis. With testosterone therapy, you can also experience an abnormal increase in the red blood cells, which can also lead to blood clots because of polycythemia.
3. Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is another disease that testosterone can stimulate. Men who have prostate cancer or high level of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) must try to avoid the therapy. Even the doctors recommend taking an exam to know if you have prostate cancer before you begin with the treatment.
4. Sleep apnea: Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Be prepared for it to worsen if you go on testosterone replacement therapy. The loud snoring and disruptive breathing can be difficult for you to diagnose it while you are sleeping, but your partner can easily detect it. Getting yourself a diagnosis from a professional can be the right step to know if you are prone to developing sleep apnea, once you start the testosterone replacement treatment.
5. Benign prostatic hypertrophy: Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH is a condition in which the prostate grows as a man becomes older. It results in the squeezing of the urethra, which makes it difficult to urinate. Being on testosterone replacement therapy can either start this condition or even make it worse.

Final thoughts

While there are benefits of being on testosterone therapy, they certainly do not come risk-free. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, it is best to get a professional consultation immediately. Testosterone therapy is an effective way to counter the hormonal imbalance, but don’t forget that it is always better to restore testosterone levels with organic measures, owing to the lack of side-effects. Cannabis can be an excellent way to boost testosterone naturally. You can even get CBD oil along with THC delivery right at your doorstep and enjoy its benefits.

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