Best CBD Products for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

The range of CBD products is rapidly growing, addressing the unique needs of sports people and athletes. The popularity of these products is increasing because of several reasons like giving potential benefits during and after high-energy activities, legality, and convenience. CBD is now legal for Olympic athletes as it has been removed from the prohibited drug list. But athletes can only use those products that don’t contain any psychoactive compound like THC. From Cannabidiol Salve to CBD creams, lotions, and roll-ons, physically active people who enjoy high-energy activities may find many different CBD products to choose from. These products may help them manage pain in the muscles, sore joints, and overexertion. Apart from topical CBD products, athletes can use CBD oils and tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD drinks, and shots.


Several clinical studies have shown that CBD may deliver therapeutic benefits. Such studies have led to the development of specific CBD products for physically active individuals. Detailed research focused on the impact of CBD on athletic performance or recovery after rigorous workouts. Several points you should keep in mind while shopping for CBD products:

  • Drug Testing: If you are an athlete and must undergo drug testing, always choose CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • Check Third-Party Lab Results: Always buy products from a reputable CBD manufacturer whose products are tested by a third-party lab to authenticate content, potency, and purity.
  • Buy High-Quality Products: Choose high-quality CBD products produced from organic hemp plants grown on quality-grade controlled farms. Every CBD brand mentions the source of the cannabis plant. Always prefer those brands that create CBD products from hemp plants grown in the United States only.
  • Choose Trusted CBD Brands: Always buy CBD products from a trusted CBD company with a good reputation.


The Research studies on CBD and sports performance are unclear at this point. A review of preclinical studies on CBD and sports performance performed in animal and non-sports people found that there were anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective effects. The preclinical studies also suggest that CBD may promote the healing of injuries.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that athletes use CBD with other therapies to recover quickly from muscle damage and fatigue caused by cognitive and physical exertion. CBD has been found to provide several benefits, including pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and neuroprotection. The studies also revealed that athletes could not wholly rely on CBD to maximize their endocannabinoid functioning. They have to manage stress, exposure to environmental toxins, and their weight.

Another study by NCBI suggests that CBD may have the ability to help sports people with quick recovery by improving sleep, pain, and mild traumatic brain injury. The majority of available research focuses on sports recovery. More research is needed to assess the effects of CBD on athletic performance and sports recovery. 


Different CBD products are available at FlowerChild CBD, specifically formulated for athletes and sports enthusiasts. They include the following.

CBD Topicals: CBD topicals are available in different forms. You can find CBD roll-ons, CBD balms, CBD gels, and CBD salves. There are several advantages of using CBD topicals, such as:

  •  They are convenient to carry wherever you go.
  •  They can be directly applied to the areas where you are experiencing pain and soreness.
  •  They are available in different aromas that are also soothing.
  •  They contain ingredients like menthol that produce cooling effects.
  •  They may contain other muscle and joint soothing compounds like aloe vera.    

CBD topicals can help athletes relax because they contain ingredients that affect the senses. Our CBD topicals are designed to give a soothing sensation in the affected areas and reduce pain & soreness.

CBD Oils & Tinctures: The best CBD oil available for athletes should be consumed sublingually as it is the fastest way for the CBD to reach the bloodstream. Physically active people can take CBD oil before and after intense exercise or activity to get the full benefits. All FlowerChild CBD tinctures are full-spectrum. Below are some excellent advantages of using CBD oils and tinctures. 

  •  Choose CBD tincture with additional wellness-boosting components like ginger and turmeric.
  •  Choose CBD oils blended with other oils, like grape seed oil or coconut oil, that maximizes the impact.
  •  Choose CBD oils and tinctures in different flavors to mask the taste.
  •  You can consume differently, such as sublingually, adding to food, etc.
  •  You can choose the concentration as per your choice as CBD oil is available in different potencies on our website.
  •  Our CBD products may address issues like poor sleep quality, anxiety, stress, pain, and others.

You must choose full-spectrum CBD products as they have the complete cannabinoid profile the hemp plant offers.

CBD Edibles: Caramels and herbal tea are the most popular CBD edibles sold today. They taste good and are easy to consume. Athletes can choose a CBD edible because:

  •  These are convenient to carry everywhere.
  •  These contain pre-measured CBD dosage,
  •  They come in different flavors that hide the hemp’s earthy taste.
  •  They are made with all-natural ingredients, ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

CBD caramels are made of full-spectrum CBD. You can verify the quality of the product by checking the Certificate of Analysis (COA) supplied by an independent lab.

Wrapping up!

CBD is helpful for both professional athletes and weekend sports enthusiasts. Even experts believe that CBD is calming. It helps reduce general anxiety and stress associated with hard workouts, promotes better sleep, and assists with pain management. Visit FlowerChild CBD and choose the most suitable CBD product for your needs.