How CBD Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Let’s be honest: Sex is an exhilarating and magical experience. Some of the ancient texts call it a source of energy and healthy sex with yourr partner is vital for a healthy life. But do you often feel that what used to be fun at one time is now no longer pleasing, rather it is painful? It is not uncommon to get disinterested due to medical conditions or lower energy levels. If you still want to relish your youth with a partner or give them a good experience with you, you’ll need to get a solution to this problem.

Relax and cheer up. CBD can help you get over this disinterest and lacklustre sex life! It is a great solution for comprehensive sex-related problems. 

What it does

  • Reduces pain and anxiety.
  • Increases strength of orgasm.

CBD comes in various forms like – CBD lubes, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, to name a few. And to your surprise, CBD has made its entry into bedroom life.

 Keep reading to know more about how CBD helps in boosting your intimate life.  

How Does It Affect Your Libido?

First, let’s understand how CBD functions in your body. 

Your body includes a set of tiny receptors. These tiny receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Let’s say that these receptors are the lock and CBD is the key. CBD can activate these receptors. 

CBD doesn’t work directly on these receptors but starts a few reactions in your body to stimulate the system. This indirect stimulation leads your body to respond in different ways.

Now talking about libido, CBD is a surefire way to enhance it.

It does more in improving your reproductive system and also sex.

It lowers the pain due to endometriosis in women. Many people believe that CBD is really helpful while having sex as it boosts the sexual experience subtly improving the functioning of the related nerves.  

Other reasons are 

  • CBD helps in increasing the ultimate pleasure.
  • It helps get relief from stress and performance anxiety.
  • It sets the right mood for making love. 

And if you are facing problems with lubrication while having sex, CBD lube is the solution. We are happy to announce that FlowerChild CBD offers a variety of products in CBD, including Best CBD Lube and our Yoni Delight CBD Sensual Lube and Moisturizer. 

Let us tell you that your reproductive organs and sexual tissue include CBD receptors. The blood flow to these tissues is increased with the help of CBD. This results in increased sensitivity and enhances the natural lubrication of the body. 

Undoubtedly, CBD helps relax the muscles and gives you an opportunity to enjoy more pleasurable sex with the feeling of warmth. 

Let’s Elaborate Further on How CBD Can Make You Experience The Best Sexual Encounter of Your Life. 

 It Helps Women Who Suffer From Pain During Sex

As per the research, nearly 40% of the ladies suffer from the condition of dyspareunia during intercourse. Dyspareunia refers to the genital pains that women feel before, during, or after sexual intercourse. It is quite challenging for women to enjoy passionate sex with dyspareunia. 

 Using CBD helps in decreasing the pain of dyspareunia as it alters the chemical structure of endocannabinoid receptors. 

Relieves Anxiety 

If you already have stress and anxiety in your mind, how can you enjoy sex? Physical intimacy is something that needs a fully relaxed mind to be enjoyable. Anxiety and stress can hamper your performance and can affect your mood too. Thanks to the world of CBD, you can now use CBD to be free from stress and anxiety. 

CBD is the answer to raising the serotonin level and reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol. This leads to great sexual performance. Experts advise taking CBD orally 30-60 minutes before intercourse if you are going to have a sensual experience with someone and want to feel relaxed and energized. This will ensure that CBD enters your bloodstream within time and fetches you the desired results. You can use either CBD oil tincture or CBD lube or both.  

Increases Orgasm

It can’t be more right when we say that heavenly sex leads to the ultimate ride of the orgasm. And if you are not able to reach that, it may disappoint both parties. If you and your partner are facing challenges to reach  climax, you need not worry. Let CBD come to your rescue. A study in 2019 concluded that the extracts of cannabis work well when it comes to having longer and intense orgasms. 

Not to mention that CBD is a significant vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels; it further allows the blood to rush to the reproductive organs. This enhances the nerve sensations around the sexual organs. All these things are enough to take you on the pleasurable orgasms that you will definitely crave repeatedly. 

Now, Let’s Move To The Things You Should Know While Using CBD in The Bedroom.

Ideal Dose

There is no set amount of ideal dose when we talk about CBD. The bodies of every human being react differently to it. Professionals recommend starting CBD in lower quantities and going slow. Or use CBD lube in half the amount if you are just starting. You can slowly titrate up after a few days. If you get more benefits with titration, keep going. But if you are not feeling better with it, return to your previous dose. 

Quality Product

Before heading towards any CBD product, don’t forget to read its reviews. CBD derives itself from hemp/cannabis. And full spectrum CBD products  have small amounts of THC. THC and CBD work up to their potential to produce the entourage effect. 

To Sum It Up All

It is needless to say that CBD products are really helpful when it comes to enhancing your sex life. And when FlowerChild is there to help you with all the sex-related issues, easing out the stress, and many more problems, why look any further? 

So, grab your share of CBD right now and say bye-bye to all the worries. 

It is time to enjoy the ultimate heaven of life in terms of sex with CBD and its benefits.