CBD and Acne: Can CBD help for acne?

CBD and Acne: Can CBD help for acne?

Guest post by Sophia Cooper

Is acne taking away your natural beauty? Fret not, for there are 50 million people in the US who are troubled with acne just like you are. No matter what age group you might belong to, acne can cause you great trouble. While there are plenty of synthetic ways to tackle this recurrent issue, people are now looking for organic ways to treat it. Here, cannabis or CBD, to be more specific comes as an effective remedy for this skin disorder. If you are wondering how CBD might help you with it, read on to find out.

What causes acne?

Do you wonder why your skin feels too oily at times? Well, it is the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands that are responsible for keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. But when the glands start producing an excess of sebum, there are high chances for your skin around the glands to develop acne.

The primary aim of sebum is to keep the skin impurities at bay. But, at times, the dirt and impurities from the outside world get trapped in the pores of your skin along with the oil which can, in turn, lead to acne. Another major cause of acne is when a hair follicle gets plugged in the pores and blocks the dead cells. Lastly, lifestyle changes, oily diet, high levels of stress, and strong medications can also become the cause of acne.

What is CBD?

Cannabis and the recent wave of legalization have made sure that everyone knows what it is. But, if you don’t, we’ll help you understand this mysterious plant. Originating from the Asian subcontinent, cannabis is popular for its therapeutic properties. It is helping people around the world to recover from many mental and physical ailments. Cannabis contains over a hundred different compounds known as cannabinoids. While a majority of them are still in the unexplored area, we know about the important role of two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. THC is the chemical present in cannabis that induces a psychoactive effect or the euphoric high as you know it. It helps to relax the mind and let go of the stress.

On the contrary, CBD is the cannabinoid that counters the psychoactive effect that THC induces. CBD makes cannabis a medicinal plant, for it can enrich you with the right nutrients and help nourish the body from within. CBD can alter how your body responds to various stimuli around you by interacting with the endocannabinoid system present inside a human body.

CBD and acne

How can CBD help treat acne?

The human body has an endocannabinoid system present that is responsible for how you feel, how you react to stimuli, your mood, immune system, and even the hormonal balance. It produces a series of cannabinoids that interact with the organs and cells in your body. The cannabinoids present in cannabis are similar to the ones produced by the endocannabinoid system.

These cannabinoids or neurotransmitters attach themselves to the receptors in the organs to communicate with them. The receptors are of two types, called CB1 and CB2, which you can find even in the sebum glands. When you take CBD, it enters your body and attaches itself to the receptors in the glands and interact with them. Through this communication, it can bring down the production of oil in your skin and may bring down the chances of acne. Anandamide is yet another neurological transmitter that can be the culprit behind many skin disorders. Whenever there is an imbalance in the level of anandamide, it can increase the production of oil and lead to acne. But CBD, while interacting with the endocannabinoid system can also alter the level of this neurotransmitter.

Many people also report that using CBD oil on their faces has helped them reduce the irritation that is caused by acne. Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory plant, which means that it may help you with the redness, irritation, and clogging of hair follicles on your face. CBD, with its anti-bacterial action, can also clean your skin pores of dirt and pollutants and thus reducing the chance of infection and acne.

The medicines that people tend to use for acne have a series of side-effects. It can leave you with dry and irritated skin because these medications focus on all the cells, rather than the ones that are responsible for acne. With CBD, you can target only the affected cells and keep the side-effects at bay.

How to use CBD?

As many are the benefits of CBD, more are the ways to use it. Wondering how you can use it? Here are a few convenient ways for you to try:

1. Oil: CBD oil is an easy-to-use product that lets you seamlessly incorporate CBD into your daily life. CBD oil is readily available on the market as drops and tinctures that you can ingest directly or add in your food. For acne, you can even apply the oil on your face to get immediate results.
2. Topicals: CBD infused topicals are creams, lotions, and serums that may help you with acne. You can take the cream and apply it directly to the affected area. As per the consumer’s testimonials, you can witness a reduction in acne.
3. Edibles: The latest addition to the wide array of CBD products are edibles. You can find CBD infused alternative gummy bears, cookies, brownies, and even coffee that lets you enjoy the benefits of CBD.
4. Smoke: Smoking is the oldest method to consume cannabis. You can either roll the flower in a blunt or invest in a vape and CBD juice.

Final Thoughts

The very thought of having acne can be daunting. While on one side, it can cause redness and irritation, on the other, it can give a blow to your self-confidence. Irrespective of the reason and extent of the acne problem, CBD can be a ray of hope for you. If you’re in Canada, check out Weedsmart, and if you’re in the United States, try FlowerChild CBD!