Surgery is now not necessary

I’m using the CBD/CBG Blend salve 1000 on my hips and buttocks following bilateral total hip replacements.  It’s lusciously emollient, helping to get a deep massage of the soft tissues and surgical scars thereby promoting comfort, prevention of deeper scarring and release of superficial scarring. My soft tissue pain is relieved, whether by the product or the massage.  I suspect that it is in tandem with both. My husband, thinking he’d just tolerate his shoulder pain, now reports that he feels better and has better range of motion after using this product.  Our son-in-law reports that his surgeon told him to give it a try before surgery for IT band issues.  He feels that surgery is now not necessary. It’s not a cure all, for sure, but has been surprisingly helpful for the three of us. I encourage those reading this to consider using this product.