The Mission Behind FlowerChild


We grow most of our Hemp CBD plant strains on our private mountaintop farm in Oregon. What we don't grow we purchase from reputable hemp CBD growers in Oregon.


Our Hemp CBD is grown organically using organic and sustainable measures. Our plants start in delicious, fertile soil and are fed with organic mushroom and compost tea to keep them growing strong and healthy.


Our hemp flowers and also our final products are tested by Oregon State accredited laboratories for pesticides and potency. What we say is in the bottle, IS in the bottle!


Our products are compliant with Oregon Liquor Control Commission testing rules and regulations. OLCC regulates the legal recreational cannabis market in Oregon.


Food grade alcohol is used to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the hemp flowers. These compounds are retained in the end product and known as whole plant therapy.


Compare our products to others out there and you will see and feel a difference, that difference is in the extraction method.


Our Mission here at FlowerChild is to educate people on the profound benefits of CBD Hemp Oil Extract and to get people to use these products to enhance their lives and feel better. The opiate drug problem we face in America and worldwide is out of control and people are dying daily from these so called “prescription drugs.” I have seen people horribly addicted to these opiates use CBD hemp oil extract to help with anxiety and depression while getting clean.

Our products come from a high CBD (the non-psychoactive compound in hemp) low  THC (the compound that gets you high), strain of cannabis. Scientists now know that THC and CBD work synergistically to create an “entourage” effect and promote the healing process.

The FDA allows us to sell our medicinal hemp oil extract products online because they fall below 0.3% THC and are non-psychoactive.

Where is FlowerChild Located?

Our 40 acre farm is nestled in the lush pine forests of Central Oregon. It is surrounded by nature and far from the hussle and bussle of the city and it’s pollutants. Our plants breathe clean, pine scented air that is cleansed by the fresh Oregon rain.

All of our plants are grown in humus rich soil rather than hydroponically. I feel that the soil adds flavor and aroma that you just don’t get with hydroponics. Our soil is alive with beneficial microbes, organic matter and composted manure and our plants just love it. It shows in their strong branches, nice green leaves and huge, crystally, flavor-filled, rich buds. We only use organic fertilizers on our hemp and absolutely no pesticides, and this is evident in the test results we receive from the labs that test our FlowerChild products. When you buy our medicinal hemp products you can rest assured that you are getting extremely high quality, pesticide free CBD hemp oil that we use ourselves and also supply to friends and family. Our products are Non-GMO, organic and only contain what is on the label, no coloring or additives. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Kelly McLoughlin FlowerChild CBD
Kelly McLoughlin
Hi I’m Kelly. I was born and raised in Southern Africa where I spend the first 20 years of my life living and traveling, namely Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. My background is in art, gardening, herbalism and alternative healing, and the cannabis business allows me to put together all of my talents and do something I really love. I now dedicate my time to creating products from an assortment of wonderful healing herbs, not forgetting our wonderful hemp oil extract, to help people live happier and healthier lives.  Here’s to health and happiness – Kelly
Kevin Yockers
Hi this is Kevin. I can’t claim to have spent my days on the plains of Africa but I have spent the past 40 years doing sales and marketing for my cabinet business. I got into growing cannabis awhile back and have been perfecting my skills over the years. From the research that has been done I believe that we have a miracle healing plant that has been ostracized for way too long and now it’s time to find out just what hemp can do. We have only scratched the surface and already we are seeing that is is helping people feel better.  Plus it is non-psychoactive so people are not getting high. Anyway enough about me. Enjoy the site and all the information. Here’s to healing the planet with plants! – Kevin
Britt Foster
Britt Foster
I’m Britt, daughter and product developer. I help in the factory with formulating the products, bottling, labeling and packaging. My passion is art and when I’m not working for FlowerChild CBD and painting I attend the University of Oregon.
Kyleigh Foster FlowerChild CBD
I’m Ky, daughter number two! I too help with product development, bottling, labeling and packaging. I recently graduated for culinary school and am working on some tasty CBD treats to bring to the industry!
Cesar Escobar FlowerChild CBD
Cesar Escobar

Cesar Escobar is a registered respiratory therapist whose compassion for humanity has led him to educate and advocate for patients and consumers in the developing industry of alternative medicine.  With over 10 years of combined experience working in the cannabis industry, hospitals, long term ventilator facilities, and education, Cesar has first-hand experience with the issues our healthcare system faces and has dedicated his life  to help people understand the complications and frustrations we face when seeking alternative ways to heal.  With a background of multiple disciplines in the industry, Cesar is able to communicate effectively and work proficiently with: testing laboratories, processing facilities, wholesale distribution, marketing, customer service, education and medical/retail dispensaries, healthcare professionals, and state representatives.  Cesar is a published author of “Cannabis Scientific,” a basic introduction class written for Herbal Risings in Arizona, and several educational newsletters. Cesar’s passion pushes him to seek out the latest scientific data on alternative methods of healing.
Cesar works with alternative methods of healing, while, also, addressing the effects of environmental stress, diet, exercise, spiritual and mental health. The primary objectives for Cesar is empowering the community with the knowledge of alternative forms of medicine,  raising awareness of health, environment, choices, and decreasing our social dependence on pharmaceutical medicine.

Charlie Rand FlowerChild CBD

Hi I’m Charlie. I was born and raised in San Francisco. My mother was also born and raised in San Francisco and a flowerchild. She taught me to love, practice peace, accept others and also to think outside the box. These traits have led me to great satisfaction in life. I spent over 13 years in retail management with many successes. The most rewarding being, affecting people positively through education and caring about them.  I’ve made many beautiful connections over the years and have now connected with Flowerchild CBD. Flowerchild CBD gives me an opportunity to help people, but with a great more satisfaction. Our products heal people and pets and create better days and nights for them and their loved ones. Over the past 4 years I have managed marijuana dispensaries in the state of Oregon. I have personally witnessed the healing powers of CBD products. Who would have thought this plant had healing powers. I believe in the healing properties of CBD. Flowerchild CBD is real and I am grateful to have connected with this movement that is so promising. My mission is to educate and help others, learn & experience this miracle healing plant. One Love- Charlie

Brittany Hansen
Coming Soon!
weimaraner puppy
Company Mascot
This is Latte our company mascot. He models our pet products and samples the CBD Hemp tinctures to make sure they taste just right!
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