Our CBD and CBG hemp flowers are grown in Oregon by our grow partners and then shipped to us in Colorado!

Our Hemp CBD is grown organically using organic and sustainable measures. Our plants start in delicious, fertile soil and are fed with organic mushroom and compost tea to keep them growing strong and healthy.


Our hemp flowers and also our final products are tested by Oregon State accredited laboratories for pesticides and potency. What we say is in the bottle, IS in the bottle!

Our products are compliant with Oregon Liquor Control Commission testing rules and regulations. OLCC regulates the legal recreational cannabis market in Oregon.


Food grade alcohol is used to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the hemp flowers. These compounds are retained in the end product and known as whole plant therapy.

Compare our products to others out there and you will see and feel a difference, that difference is in the extraction method.


Our mission here at FlowerChild is to help people help themselves. By educating people on the benefits of CBD and CBG and creating top-of-the-line hemp products, we seek to generate boundless ripples of positivity, health, and empowerment that can reach all those in need.

Our products come from strains of cannabis that are high in CBD or CBG, which are both non-psychoactive compounds, and extremely low in THC, which is the psychoactive compound that produces a high. Scientists now believe that THC and CBD/CBG work synergistically to create an “entourage” effect and promote the healing process.

The FDA allows us to sell our medicinal hemp extract products online because they fall below the legal limit of 0.3% THC and are therefore non-intoxicating.


Kelly McLoughlin FlowerChild CBD


Hi I’m Kelly. I was born and raised in Southern Africa where I spend the first 20 years of my life living and traveling, namely Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. My background is in art, gardening, herbalism and alternative healing, and the cannabis business allows me to put together all of my talents and do something I really love. I now dedicate my time to creating products from an assortment of wonderful healing herbs, not forgetting our wonderful hemp oil extract, to help people live happier and healthier lives.  Here’s to health and happiness – Kelly


Hi this is Kevin. I can’t claim to have spent my days on the plains of Africa but I have spent the past 40 years doing sales and marketing for my cabinet business. I got into growing cannabis awhile back and have been perfecting my skills over the years. From the research that has been done I believe that we have a miracle healing plant that has been ostracized for way too long and now it’s time to find out just what hemp can do. We have only scratched the surface and already we are seeing that is is helping people feel better.  Plus it is non-psychoactive so people are not getting high. Anyway enough about me. Enjoy the site and all the information. Here’s to healing the planet with plants! – Kevin



Hey, I’m Britt! I grew up in New Mexico and spent my formative years in Oregon, where I studied fine art and psychology and helped build FlowerChild from the ground up. I manage our social media accounts, keep the website and blog updated, and I help in the factory with creating and packaging the products. I also drew the flower girl that you see on our labels! My passions include art, writing, spirituality, and helping people discover ways to live happier and healthier – especially through hemp! —Britt


I’m Ky, and my dog’s name is Ace. I help with product development, packaging, shipping, customer service, and more. I have a passion for plants and their medicinal value, as well as a love for cooking nutritious, superfood-rich meals. I have a Culinary Arts degree and love to travel and connect with people. Hemp is an amazing plant, and I’m happy to get to share its magic with you!  — Ky



Hello, my name is Katie. I was born and raised in Big Bear California. I got married in 2011 to the best man ever! We have lived in a few different states and landed in Grand Junction Colorado. Whether I help grow, make oil, or work at FlowerChild, my adventures always seem to bring me back to cannabis. I mainly focus my day on customer service. I enjoy being the liaison between the customers and FlowerChild, building and maintaining relationships, and offering advice about our products. I personally take CBG 700 Tincture for my endometriosis. I love being part of a company I have complete confidence in, it makes my job easy! – Katie


I’m Danny, the lab director of FlowerChild. I’ve worked as a governmental contractor, an administrator in higher education, a music educator, and as a commercial life safety inspector and engineer.  I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science from Texas A&M University – Commerce. I’m dedicated to my work, having seen first hand what properly extracted oils from cannabis plants can do for the lives of people with cancer, autoimmune disorders, and autism.  I’ve been married since 11-11-2011 to my wonderful wife Katie, and we have two dogs and two cats.  When I am not toiling away in the FlowerChild research lab, I spend my time gardening, restoring old Chevrolets and Volkswagens, running my record label Human Engine Records, and playing for the rock band BTWN. – Danny