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Can CBG Help People on the Autism Spectrum?

Although more research has been done on CBD and THC for their benefit to autism, CBG is showing extraordinary promise. Most of the evidence for this comes from parents who are using CBG, or a combination of cannabinoids, to help their autistic children manage symptoms. One area in which CBG is clearly outperforming CBD is speech and articulation:

“My son has an autism diagnosis and we have been struggling with mild behaviors and lack of speech.  Since using your CBG he engages in the world around him and now has 50+ words!  His therapists and all of us are so thrilled with his progress and have no doubt the CBG has opened a door into his mind.” 

– Cherise A.

Here is another amazing testimonial:

“We started giving our daughter CBG about a month ago and the positive impact was noticeable within the first 2 days. She is 7 and on the autism spectrum. We saw an increase in language—more words, more short sentences and spontaneous speech. Also more echolalia, but appropriate and functional use of her scripts. She is also more aware, focused, cheerful and we’ve seen a sharp decrease in tantrums. The CBG gives her lots of energy, so we don’t give it at night, but she takes her dose each morning. The one day we didn’t give it to her on the weekend she was very cranky and off—it was apparent to everyone. I’m so excited and pleased that this has helped her!”

– Lili