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Here’s How it Works…

Share your referral code with your friends…

Your friend makes a FlowerChild purchase…

You get $20 and your friend gets $10!

Share Your Link!

ATTENTION: Both links need to be used in order to get your coupons. The top link is your $20 discount, your friend needs to access the website through this link or you WON’T get your $20!!

Your friends get $10 off their next order and you are $20 richer for every new friend’s order.
Giving should always be this fun!
* Please note, your referred friend must use the URL above for signing up AND also on their first order for the coupon to be sent. There is a minimum $30 purchase.

*Coupon will be generated once your referral has completed their checkout.
There is no limit to the number of referral coupons you can earn.
Please note that coupons can only be used to purchase product.
Cannot be redeemed for cash.
Refer a friend and get $20