Vape Battery and USB Charger


Our vape battery is crafted with CCell technology to give you the cleanest, smoothest vaping experience possible.

• Smoother hits
• Cleaner taste
• Bigger vapor clouds
• Better flow

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Vape Battery and Charger

CCell ceramic technology

This vape battery is made with ceramic core cell technology that heats the oil uniformly and gives you a smooth vaping experience. It is long-lasting and fully rechargeable by USB. Compatible with most standard vape cartridges. The CCELL core conducts heat into the fluid radially, which reduces viscosity and improves flow without burning the oil as traditional wicks do.


BatteryCCELL Ceramic Technology vs. ordinary wick and coil

In an ordinary atomizer the coil resides on the surface of the wick, which causes inconsistent heating. Additionally, ordinary wick designs cause reduced flow to the heating coil.


Unrivaled Vapor Performance for Premium Extracts

Embedding the heating coil 360˚ within the ceramic core ensures the atomizer is uniformly heated.

  • Ceramic core porosity ensures continuous fluid saturation
  • Increased cross sectional area (CSA) reduces over-heating
  • Rapid startup provides high volume first activation.
  • CCELL Core conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow
  • Works consistently with extractions of various viscosity
  • No burning – which preserves intended flavor

Purchase includes 1 battery and 1 USB charger.


Looking for a cartridge to go with your vape battery?

Head over to the smokables section to buy a 1ml CBD Vape Cartridge to go with your battery and charger.


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