Take Charge of your Sobriety

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Are you concerned about how much you drink? Is your drinking getting in the way of your life?  Are you hurting those you love? This audio will help you recognize that you have complete power over your mind and actions. Your mind will reject this awful substance when you see it for what is really is… POISON!


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Take Charge Of…. ALCOHOL!

Did you know that ethanol is what we put in our cars to make them go? And we also put this poison into our bodies because we want to “fit in”, “be cool”, “have fun”, “be sexy”, and a whole lot of other BS the media (liquor board) is telling us. Alcohol is POISON! Just this year (2021) the CDC announced that “all alcohol is bad for you, and is linked to 6 types of cancer”. Not only is it detrimental for your health it can cause depression, mood swings and alienating loved ones. Please note that some problem drinkers will require counseling with a licensed professional in addition to listening to this audio.

Find a comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed for about 40 minutes. Listen for 12 weeks or more, preferably with headphones. After which you can use the tools you’ve learned to instantly relax your body and visualize your perfect life, health, wealth and happiness! After 12 weeks you can listen to it whenever you feel the need for a reboot.

Please note that along with the recording there is a ebook that gives a basic outline of how hypnosis works and how to get the most out of your hypnosis recording.


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