CBG (Cannabigerol) Extract FECO (RSO) – 1ml – 5ml


FECO / Full Extract Cannabis Oil. FlowerChild Herbal products start as a whole plant extract. We take the flowers and leaves of the plant and extract the compounds using food grade alcohol. The alcohol is then cooked off, leaving a rich, black oil filled with the essence of the plant. All of the terpenes, flavonoids, and healing compounds are retained for optimal potency. We use this pure CBG extract to make our other CBG products.

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FECO stands for Full Extract Cannabis Oil. This pure CBG hemp extract is for those who want a concentrated form of CBG without any other ingredients and/or require larger doses of CBG. This extract is to be ingested in very small amounts; most customers start with about 1/2 rice grain amount 1-3x a day and work up from there. Place on a cracker or piece of bread to ingest. As you increase your dosage you may want to put the extract into an empty capsule to swallow.

Syringe Size: 1ml
Potency: 589mg CBG per syringe
Potency per Serving: 39mg
Servings: 15 (1/2 rice grain amount)
Directions: 1-3x a day as needed
Activation Time: 1-2 hours
Ingredients: pure CBG hemp extract
Flavor: spicy, bitter

What to Expect: customers have reported pain relief, relaxation, reduced inflammation, improved mental functioning, improved mood, and more. Many people are having success with CBG for treating symptoms of autism, including verbalization, behavior, and anxiety.


What is CBG?

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid similar to CBD. To learn more, please check out the following posts on our blog:

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Looking for a tincture?

Check out our CBG 700 Tincture for an uplifting, energizing, and balancing way to get the most out of your health.


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