CBD Joints / Pre-rolls

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Our CBD Joints are a great choice if you prefer smoking your cannabis. Rolled and ready-to-smoke!
• Organically grown CBD hemp flower
• Includes 4 pre-rolls, 1g each
• Full spectrum
• Hybrid strain: Super Space Candy
• 18% CBD
• Less than 0.3% THC

This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


CBD Joints / Pre-rolls

organically grown CBD flower

If you prefer to smoke your cannabis, these CBD Joints / Pre-rolls are a great way to experience the calming benefits of CBD immediately without having to wait for a tincture to kick in! Some report a relaxed feeling in their bodies, others say it helps with pain and inflammation.


Container Size: 4 pre-rolls, 1 gram each
Potency: 18% CBD and CBD-A per pre-roll, strain “Super Space Candy”
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Servings: 4 (1 pre-roll per serving)
Directions: Smoke as needed
Ingredients: Raw CBD hemp flower
Activation Time: 0 — 30 minutes
Flavor: Earthy


What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from the hemp/cannabis plant. To learn more, please check out the following posts on our blog:

“Why CBD is a Better Remedy for Anxiety and Depression than Pharmaceutical Drugs”

“Health Benefits: Ingesting CBD vs. Inhaling”

“What is CBD and its Benefits in Relation to Sleep?”


Looking for a tincture?

Check out our CBG 700 Tincture for an uplifting, energizing, and balancing way to get the most out of your health.


Why choose FlowerChild CBD Joints / Pre-rolls?

FlowerChild offers the best CBD Joints for sale due to our top-quality, organically-grown source flower. Our CBD Pre-rolls are smooth on the lungs and rolled to perfection, with RAW-brand filters/mouthpieces to ensure a pleasant smoking experience.

6 reviews for CBD Joints / Pre-rolls

  1. Theresa Wendorf

    Theresa Wendorf (verified owner)

    I love these they are nice a big!

  2. Tara Davis

    Tara Davis (verified owner)

    Love it. Relaxing feeling. Calms your spirit.

  3. Kenneth Sneid

    Kenneth Sneid (verified owner)

    No rolled tight enough

  4. Margaret Drumgole

    Margaret Drumgole (verified owner)

    Smooth and relaxing. I had the best rest after smoking this.

  5. Hunter Barrera

    Hunter Barrera (verified owner)

    They are a good deal and taste delicious!

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