Scouts Blessing CBD Dog Treats 15 count

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Scouts Blessing healthy CBD bites are a fantastic way to treat your best friend to the benefits of CBD.  Each treat has a minimum of 5 mg of high quality organically grown hemp CBD. Feed 1-3 treats a day, depending upon the size of your dog (small to “huge”). Each bag contains 15 grain-free treats.

Ingredients:  Organic Coconut Flour, Organic pumpkin, Cage Free Eggwhites, Organic Hemp CBD flour.  That’s it!

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Highgarden Farm grows and produces organic hemp products in Lorane Valley, Oregon.


1.  Actual CBD in our product! Compare our CBD content against any other brand.   Dog treats that only contain “hemp oil” actually have NO CBD content (hemp oil is a much cheaper ingredient made from hemp seeds that do not have any CBD).

2.  Our CBD hemp is “activated” (decarboxylated) very gently using very low temperature over a 20 hour time span in order to preserve the benefits from crucial terpenes. We avoid using caustic chemical solvents for extraction by processing our hemp CBD as flour.  This simply makes better medicine!

3.  Each treat is hand-made on a family farm.  Our commitment to quality is uncompromising.  We grow our own extremely high CBD hemp to ultra-organic standards.  Further, our “inactive” ingredients are grain-free and free from ingredients and chemicals that cause inflammation and which are problematic for the joints of animals who were never meant to eat grains (or peanut butter!).

4.  Love.  We are animal lovers producing uncompromising CBD products for one simple reason:  We hate it when animals suffer and we want your loved one to live a long, comfortable life.


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