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CBD Disposable Vape Pen (0.5ml)

CBD Disposable Vape Pen (0.5ml)

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Disposable vape pens are understandably popular—compact and convenient, these devices are handy in many situations. They’re perfect for the casual consumer who doesn’t vape often enough to necessitate a battery of their own; for the cannabis tourist visiting a legal market but unable to take a standard pen or cartridge home; for the consumer who already owns a great vaporizer but forgot to bring it along on a weekend excursion; or simply for those of us prone to misplacing our stuff (hey, it happens).

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Vaping CBD Oil is fast becoming the preferred method of administration over smoking. Just like those e-cigarettes the CBD oil is heated and you inhale the oil rather than the smoke. Much gentler on the lungs, throat and nostrils!

Cartridge Size: 0.5ml
Potency: 60.8% of Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) per cartridge (304mg/2.02mg per serving)
Servings: 75 (one 3-4-second draw)
Directions: Vape as needed
Ingredients: Hemp oil extract (CBD)
Activation Time: 10 minutes
Flavor: Natural

What to Expect: Some people report a very relaxed feeling in their bodies. Others have said it helps with anxiety and pain. Some people report feeling upbeat and focused.

Our CO2 Vape Oil starts with high quality, organic hemp farmed in Oregon, USA. Our chemist takes pride in producing a wonderfully smooth, sweet tasting oil that is quite delicious to vape. His gentle technique retains all of the compounds, terpenes and flavonoids for a fabulous therapeutic vaping experience.

Our CBD vape oil is pure CO2 extract with no additives or fillers. CCELL Core conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow without burning the oil as traditional wicks do.

What is vaping and why is it preferable to smoking?

“Vaping” is short for “vaporization” — and commonly refers to a method of cannabis consumption where the user inhales cannabis “vapor” or aerosol. To create this vapor, the active compounds in cannabis are heated at low temperatures. Unlike with smoking cannabis, no combustion or burning takes place at these lower temperatures — so there is no smoke, “the cannabis vaporizer appears to be an ideal harm-reduction approach to safer use,” researchers concluded in 2015.

BatteryCCELL Ceramic Technology vs. ordinary wick and coil

In an ordinary atomizer the coil resides on the surface of the wick causing inconsistent heating. Additionally, ordinary wick designs cause reduced flow to the heating coil.

Unrivaled Vapor Performance for Premium Extracts

Embedding the heating coil 360˚ within the ceramic core ensures the atomizer is uniformly heated.

  • Ceramic core porosity ensures continuous fluid saturation
  • Increased cross sectional area (CSA) reduces over-heating
  • Rapid startup provides high volume first activation
  • CCELL Core conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow
  • Works consistently with extractions of various viscosity
  • No burning – which preserves intended flavor


2 reviews for CBD Disposable Vape Pen (0.5ml)

  1. 3 out of 5

    The reason for reviewing this product a 3 is because of the longevity of usage. On the box it comes with states 150 servings which are 6 seconds each. I received the product on a Friday and I was out on Monday. At most used 40 times and that’s a large estimate. The product itself was great and re ordered to make sure it wasn’t a defect.

    • Thanks for letting us know exactly how many puffs we can get, it’s really hard to get that one right! Will change the labels!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Fantastic! Super convenient, portable, and very effective for my anxiety. I love the flip top case for it too! Glad I gave it a try, I’ll definitely reorder. Thanks FC!

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