Compassionate Care Program

We at FlowerChild want to help people help themselves, and we understand that money can be a concern. In order to help make our products more affordable, we now offer the following discounts to qualifying individuals. If you believe you qualify, please submit the appropriate documents by emailing them via the form below .Please cover up any sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, before sending us your documents.

You can also join our Facebook Group for an unlimited 10% off coupon! One you are a member of the group, simply click “announcements” to see the pinned post with the code.


Senior & Student Discount

10% off 

For seniors, please send us a copy of your ID/Driver’s License showing that you are over 60 years old.

For students (must be over 21 to qualify), please send us a copy of your Student ID card along with a copy of your ID/Driver’s License.


Veteran’s/Military Discount

25% off

If you were or are currently in the military, please send us a copy of your military ID or certificate of discharge.


Low Income & Chronic Health Condition Discount

35% off

For long-term health conditions, please send us a doctor’s note or proof of diagnosis.
For low-income customers, please send us proof from any government assistance program you might be a part of, such as SNAP or Medicaid. If you are not part of any government assistance program, please check here to see if you qualify for low income and send us proof of low income in the form of pay stubs or tax returns.

Please Note

*Discounts cannot be used with other coupon codes or on items that are on sale.

We ask that you please do not share your discount code with anyone else.

We reserve the right to discontinue an individual’s discount if we feel that the discount is being misused or shared.

If your files are too large to send, please take a photo of them and try to send a smaller file size. If your files still won’t attach, please contact us.

You will receive your coupon code by email if you are approved. It should take less than a week — please check ALL your spam folders and contact us if you haven’t heard back.



Please triple check that you have entered your email correctly!