Watching this video, we are absolutely convinced that the power of cannabis will blow you away!

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Energy, focus, calming. Relieves the symptoms of autism, ADHD and more. More stimulating than sedating.

Anti-inflammatory. Pain relief - muscle pain, sore bones, arthritis, tension. Relieves any skins disorders including eczema, psoriasis, rashes, shingles, itchy skin and more. 

Anti-inflammatory, pain relief, arthritis, energy, antioxidant. Also, helps dry, itchy skin.

The sensual butters and essential oils help moisturize and lubricate, and the CBD helps excite, entice and intensify your orgasm. Delightful! 

This can be used all over the body as a sensual moisturizer.

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"FlowerChild, your products really have done wonders for my son. I would like to give you a little background if I may. I adopted my little boy at two years of age but he was developmentally 6 months. Non verbal, no muscle tone, no eye contact, several surgery’s, and in very poor health. At three he was diagnosed autistic (level 2), severe developmentally delayed, non verbal, separation anxiety, and learning disability. I was told not to expect much more, he would never live independently.

I wanted my son to have the best life possible, I researched and researched and from my understanding drugs controlled the problem but did not get to the root cause so that was the last resort for me. I changed his diet, introduced lots of supplements and his recovery began.

After a lot more research I turned to CBD. I started him on CW Hemp and it was great however, after more research I wanted to try CBG, which I introduced. His speech and understanding progressed at a phenomenal rate! I then moved him to FlowerChild CBD/CBG Blend after messaging you. In less than a year he is now in mainstream primary school and with extra support he’s doing great. I am forever grateful to FlowerChild, along with his supplements my son has his precious life to live to the full."

FlowerChild Fan

My son is 16yrs old...severe autism, non-verbal... can't find a CBD he can tolerate yet, I'm on brand #4. However, the CBG has been amazing!!! In three months it has helped his severe anxiety, he is now extremely calm, mood is very happy, less OCD, less stimming etc. This product is incredible!

FlowerChild Fan

Today I picked my daughter up from school. The class aide was smiling from ear to ear so I knew some good news was coming. She goes on to tell me that they have a routine that when students come back from the weekend, they have each student tell the class what they did. This past school year my daughter has never told them any info about what she does on the weekends and has always just repeated what the previous student said. 
But today, for the first time she actually told them about her weekend. The aide told me she talked about the waterpark, wearing a blue bathing suit, going on the green, blue and yellow water slides, visiting with grandma and grandpa and her cousin, eating hamburger and fries and ice cream...
Is the CBG bringing out all this new language??? I am starting to think maybe it is!


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