What is CBG? The new Cannabinoid that’s giving CBD a run for the money!

What is CBG - eBookMost of you have heard of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp. CBD is the big rage right now, helping with everything from inflammation to the common cold. But not too many people have heard of the next amazing cannabinoid that may be even better than CBD.

CBG or Cannabigerol is showing some amazing potential is helping autistic people – from kids to adults, experience better speech (kids that have been mostly non-verbal are starting to communicate within a few days of taking the product). Parents have reported better focus at school, engaging with their peers and teachers, less anxiety, better mood and increased appetite. In this short eBook you will discover the many benefits of CBG and how it compares to CBD. A survey done on autistic kids who are taking CBG and testimonials from many happy parents.

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