Surgery is now not necessary

I’m using the CBD/CBG Blend salve 1000 on my hips and buttocks following bilateral total hip replacements.  It’s lusciously emollient, helping to get a deep massage of the soft tissues and surgical scars thereby promoting comfort, prevention of deeper scarring and release of superficial scarring. My soft tissue pain is relieved, whether by the product or the massage.  I suspect that it is in tandem with both. My husband, thinking he’d just tolerate his shoulder pain, now reports that he feels better and has better range of motion after using this product.  Our son-in-law reports that his surgeon told him to give it a try before surgery for IT band issues.  He feels that surgery is now not necessary. It’s not a cure all, for sure, but has been surprisingly helpful for the three of us. I encourage those reading this to consider using this product.

Susan L

Off ALL pain meds!

Love FlowerChild CBD! The company is amazing and has great service.  But the products have changed my life!  CBD/CBG Blend has taken me off ALL pain meds. Let me say this again…I was taking opioids and muscle relaxers every 6 hours and now I only use CBD and CBG 1-2 times a day with NO side effects. No feeling hazy, no feeling stoned, no lack of energy-the opposite actually! 10 years ago I was hit by a truck riding my bicycle. I have 20 damaged discs, no rotator cuff in my left shoulder and no ligaments in my right knee. Thank you Flower Child!

Stacey S

Child speaks for the first time in 3 years

This is best CBG product we’ve tried, and the best brand as well. My son has autism and is a patient of Dr. Bonni Goldstein. He started treatment with this miracle plant 3 years ago. After 3 days of using it we heard for the first time his first word and saw his first eye contact after I called his name. We could not believe it!
His first year it was only CBD at 2 years old, and there was always progress. Then, 2nd year of treatment Dr. told us to add CBG (she recommended FlowerChild) and his speech went to the roof, he was singing all day and now his eye contact is 90%. His sleep is very regular, he used to wake up every 2 hours crying it was very tiring for us parents. This product is really a MIRACLE!  

Arturo Hernandez

Makes a significant difference

Just to say we think the CBD 350 salve is great! My husband has severe arthritis with spinal stenosis and we apply this twice a day on shoulders back and legs. It makes a significant difference in his well being. Thank you.
He also sleeps much better with the CBG tincture.

Sara Buse

Best I’ve encountered!

FlowerChild’s products are the best I’ve ever encountered. They are very pure and produced with a lot of expertise and care. The CBD 1400 is very potent and small amounts suffice to help me relax and sleep. Our cat Camille also gets a few drops (very few, please be cautious and follow the guidelines for dosing furry family members) and they help greatly with her arthritis and grumpiness.  We love FlowerChild!

Samuel R.

Feeling Great

Just want to say how much my wife and I love your CBD Products! I even have a friend that is a chemist and Molecular Bio-Chemist and he ran a few tests on the Hemp CBD Oil and the Full Extract Cannabis Oil (extract), and he said that it is the purest form of Cannabis oil he has ever tested! Also been sleeping better and just feeling amazing!
Thank you

Kevin C, Oregon

Psoriatic Arthritis

I have psoriatic arthritis (ankylosis spondylitis) and I have horrible pain at night while trying to sleep. I have tried narcotic pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medicines, sleep aids, etc. I’m so excited to say that I am able to lay in my bed, shift, adjust, turn from side to side with NO PAIN since I was introduced to your CBD Salve! I haven’t had to take ibuprofen or any other type of pain medication. I’m amazed at how well this product works! I’ve been using the CBD Salve 350 usually only once a day. Honestly, this has been life-changing. Thank you!

Amy Lavigne

Great Sleep

I was given a sample of CBD 1400 Tincture from my Son-in-Law because I have been struggling with sleep issues at night. I am in my early 70’s and it seems that at this age, sleep becomes a prevalent issue. The CBD 1400 tincture worked beautifully without any hang-over feelings the next day; I have felt poorly in the mornings after using products containing Diphenhydramine (Benadryl or Tylenol PM) so that was important. FlowerChild’s customer service is fantastic! I ordered my CBD tincture on Monday morning and it came USPS here to Medford, the next day. FlowerChild shipped within minutes of the placement of my order. I am impressed with the excellence of this company.

Charles Snider