Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit Meditation

Please download this onto your phone and listen to it daily for 6 weeks or more. The powerful affirmations contained in this recording will work on your subconscious mind both day and night to move you into a place of healing. Know that you are the physician and your thoughts can heal you.

This is a 30 minute guided healing meditation. In a deep relaxed state you will be given imagery and affirmations to help heal your body, mind and spirit. This meditation is for anyone who is sick, in pain or battling any mental and emotional issues.

While some of the imagery in this recording may seem “childlike”, your subconscious mind works with imagery, it is the seat of your imagination and the more vivid the imagery the more excited the subconscious becomes. When the subconscious is excited miracles happen. So please don’t let your ego think it’s too good for the simple techniques. These techniques are very powerful when practices with consistency.

To learn more about hypnosis and the subconscious mind and how it can help to remove limiting and negative beliefs that are holding you back, please download our FREE eBook, “Free Your Mind, Elevate your Life.”

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down for at least 30 mins. Loosen any tight clothing and just relax.


Please listen with headphones.


Kelly McLoughlin, Owner of FlowerChild is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.



Disclaimer for Guided Meditations