1. Combine all of the herbs/spices in a fine mesh bag/cheesecloth (this step is not necessary but makes straining the oil much easier).
  2. For a quick infusion, put the mesh bag filled with the herbs in a pot and cover it with the carrier oil. Let sit at a very low temp (~110F) for six hours or more.
  3. For a slower infusion, put all the herbs in a mason jar and then cover with oil. Let the jar of herbs and oil sit in the sun for at least two weeks.
  4. Once your oil is infused, remove the cheesecloth and wearing gloves, strain the herbs from the oil. Be sure to squeeze out the bag well to insure you get every last bit of oil from the cheesecloth.
  5. While the oil is still warm, slowly mix in the extract (RSO), stirring constantly.
  6. The oil can now be used as is, or beeswax can be added until the prefered consistency is reached. Do this by slowly adding the beeswax and then removing a small amount of the oil. Allow this small portion of the salve to harden (in the fridge/freezer is the fastest way) and then test the consistency once it has reached room temperature again.
  7. Once the preferred consistency is reached, pour the salve into jars and store it in a cool place.

*The amount of hemp extract added will determine how many mgs of extract are in each oz of liquid. Adding 5 grams of extract to the 4 cups of liquid (32 fl oz)will make each oz of salve about 110mg. When putting into 2 oz containers, the recipe will make approximately 16 jars with 220 mgs of hemp extract each. To achieve a stronger salve, add more extract or cut the recipe down by using less oil.