Who Are We?

We are a small Oregon based company, creating a variety of outstanding medicinal hemp products to help enhance life and put the spring back in your step.


New Wording

In order to get an online credit card processor we cannot sell CBD. However, I can sell Hemp Oil Extract which is the exact same thing. Our labels have changed to reflect this, however the product is still the same! Thanks for your patience as we all navigate this new industry.


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Have questions or concerns? Or maybe you just want to learn more about medicinal hemp and how it can enhance your life. Please feel free to give us a call. 541-301-1061

CBD vs Hemp Oil Extract – What is the difference?

Obama signed the Farm Bill in 2014 stating that hemp was legal in all 50 States. In January 2016 the DEA made a ruling that all CBD extracts are classified as Schedule 1 drugs. (They have numerous law-suits filed against them because of this). CBD is a compound or cannabinoid (among 100’s) found in the hemp plant. When you extract the oil from the hemp flowers and leaves you are left with a rich, potent oil extract full of compounds and terpenes, the major compound being CBD. Another area of confusion is “Hemp Oil” found in natural food stores, this oil is from the seeds of the hemp plant and does not contain any CBD. Please visit our FAQ page for more info.

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